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DCAA Neil Gaiman & Jim Lee, Suicide Squad, Enchantress and More!

DC All Access brings an extended and exclusive interview with Neil Gaiman and Jim Lee as they dig into the details of their new project, SANDMAN UNIVERSE. Also included is a sit down with legendary writer Brian Michael Bendis to chat about his debut with the DC family. Keep watching to catch info on the upcoming issues of BATMAN WHITE KNIGHT and SHADE THE CHANGING WOMAN. And finally, an exclusive clip from Suicide Squad, Hell to Pay.
SANDMAN UNIVERSE w/ Neil Gaiman & Jim Lee + EXCLUSIVE Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay Clip
Jim Lee interviewing Neil Gaiman? No, it’s not a dream…it’s DC All Access! The wait for new Sandman news seems Endless for millions of fans, so last week’s announcement of Gaiman’s new Sandman Universe was music to their ears. Today, the creator of the iconic Vertigo series discusses what awaits us in an exclusive interview with DC’s Publisher.
And that’s just the beginning! We also have an exclusive clip from the latest DC Universe Original Movie, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay and an interview with voice actress Julie Nathanson. Plus, Brian Michael Bendis’ first on camera interview since he went exclusive to DC! What can we expect when he takes the reins on Superman? All that plus DC news and noteworthy comics, a new panel of the week, and a diverse new giveaway!
VINTAGE: Top 10 Suicide Squad Moments
A DC All Access “Vintage” Segment! Two years ago, we put ourselves to the task…of Task Force X! With the Suicide Squad movie in theaters, we assembled our list of the DC All Access Top 10 Suicide Squad moments of all time. Taken from decades of comic book history, a couple of these moments found their way into the film. Does our list pass your muster? More importantly, do you think it would pass Amanda Waller’s muster?!? We all know what happens when you disappoint her. Enjoy!

LUCIFER: Cain vs. Abel, ARROW: Roy Harper Returns, LEGENDS: Atom Captured
Look, we get it. There’s a lot of great #DCTV happening right now. But never fear, Hector is once again here to help you stay on top of it! On Lucifer, Cain’s been having a real immortality problem, but if there’s anyone who can put an end to him, it just may be his brother. (They have some serious baggage, in case you haven’t heard.) Plus, Roy Harper returns to Arrow, and just in time because Star City’s on the brink of imploding. And proving no good deed goes unpunished last week, Atom’s been captured by Damien Darhk! Hector discusses all these important episodes, and looks through some of your answers to last week’s ever important question.

What’s more fun than one extremely powerful mistress of magic? How about two? Now what say we pit them against each other? In one corner we have the backwards-speaking, fishnet-wearing, Constantine-wooing Zatanna Zatara. And in the other, it’s the witchy woman with the wickedest intentions, Enchantress! Both can change reality in moments. Both have history with the Justice League Dark. But only one can walk away the winner in this week’s Versus segment. Which will it be?