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Dead of Summer, “Barney Rubble Eyes”, Review!

Jondee here in the Soviet Union,


Flashback, the Soviet Union, 1977, a little boy, Alexi (Anthony Shudra) is playing a piano when his parents tell him they are leaving for America. He is caught by his blind grandfather who tells him to take what he wants and gives him a pocket knife. Back to Summer, 1989, Jason “Blotter” (Zachary Gordon), is made fun of by Alex for playing D&D. An announcement that the bus of has arrived, watching in the woods is the Tall Man. The kids disembark while the counselors clap. They are assigned bunks and Blotter asks about hooking up with Cricket. Alex is watching the young boy, Anton (Allan Daniel Fisher), who is distant. Highland Park, Illinois, 1977, the dry cleaning boss is angry at Alexsi who is told to go by Alex. He stands in front of the mirror and says, “My name is Alex Powell.” The girls are throwing horseshoes when Alex walks up. Amy sees Anton out in the woods, Alex is worried about his Russian name. Blotter is getting a bag from some dark leather jacket guy (Andrew J. West). Joel, the camera kid, is worried about Deb’s change of attitude, the others think he’s attracted to her. At lunch, Alex asks about Anton and walks after him. Anton is talking to someone, he points out the Tall Man!, but Alex doesn’t see anyone. Night, Anton suddenly wakes, the Tall Man holds him and the bed sets on fire, on his arm is a mark, “Find Me”! This is ramping up. Deputy Garrett is watching a news report with photos at a bar. This mother worries about the camp. Two metal heads (it looks like the leather jacket guy) bring in a tape player and Garrett has them turn off the music. Blotter takes out bottles of liquid acid. He tells Jason that he saw him cutting off tags. The others are sitting around to 10,000 Maniacs’ “Trouble Me” with Blotter offers drugs to Cricket, but she dismisses him. Jessie asks Cricket about Jason before “he went all GQ.” A kid comes up to Alex homesick and he walks him back.


Jessie warns Amy about Jason. Alex pays off the kid. October, 1988, Alex walks into a dry cleaner and finds Nadia (Rita Rajmova) from the Soviet Union. The owner is the same one from before. Alex walks into see Anton sketching on a pad, the Tall Man, he says, “I have to find him or someone will die.” Minor shivers. Deb talks quietly to Alex and Blotter and warns them about the boy. Joel enters Deb’s office, sees the box, and he is surprised by her. At the tennis court, Alex and Blotter cover for each other. Flashback, Alex is a first rate employee, the owner shuts off the security cameras. Alex returns and turns on the camera to see Nadia with the boss and records them. Amy is in a summer dress waiting and Alex takes her to a deserted cabin with the piano! Blotter has the kids run off for a raid except Anton who is drawn by the Tall Man! Blotter gives Cricket D&D figures which she returns. He tries to lean in, but sees she’s not having it. Alex plays the piano at the cabin. Flashback, the owner is angry over lost clothes and Nadia has not shown up. He calls up Nadia and speaks to her in Russian about the plan. Alex sees the rocking chair moving with his grandfather, chills. Blotter notices that Anton is missing. Alex is showing Amy how to play piano. They lean in when Blotter bursts in to tell them about the kid. Deb sees Joel looking at his camera footage. Alex and Blotter are running in the forest with a flashlight, they are seen by Deb and Joel, and hear a scream. Alex finds Anton sitting in front of a stone block with three stone circles, the symbol in his sketch. Garrett says to Julie, take it easy Braces”, surprising Amy. He goes off to check on leather jacket guy, Damon. Alex walks in to threatens his boss with the tape to show his wife. Blotter is worried. Alex sees his grandfather in the misty night. He takes the acid and pours a few drops into Blotter’s drink! Garrett sees the camp of Damon and his pals and takes him. Blotter is tripping, looking in the mirror, his face is twisting, Alex vomits blood and a hand reaches out o this mouth. Blotter runs out and starts digging at the stone circle he uncovers a skeleton! Alex goes to tell Deb about Blotter. He takes them back to the circle, but the skeleton is gone. Garrett goes to see the sheriff at a diner, but Damon is released. In Damon’s car is the skeleton. Blottter says goodbye to the other counselors. He gives the D&D figures to Cricket. Blotter warns Amy and gives him the fifty that he drops on the ground. Amy walks off and Julie pockets the fifty. The kids make fun of Anton, Alex sends them off, and speaks Russian to him. He wants him to change his name to Tony and puts powder into their drink. Anton tells him that the Tall Man said 
“it only just begun.” Blotter walks and sees the Tall Man who points, Blotter turns and screams.  Four Bracelets out of Five!