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Dead of Summer, “Home Sweet Home”, Review!

Jondee here at Home aka Camp Stillwater,


The misty night, a blue car has it’s hood up, a woman, Krissy from the first episode, gets a ride. At the cabin, Amy pleads tied down in a chair, everyone is there. Holyoake reveals a lid, Sykes opens it, Holyoakes says it’s a purification, the last pure water from the lake. The campers are being led to the bus to go back home with Deb watching with Drew and Blair. The bus leaves. 1980, we get a family watching tv, a gerbil pops out startling Amy’s mother (Eliza Norbury). She wants it out of the cage, her family thinks somethings wrong with her. Her brother, Kevin (Patrick Lubczyk) teases her that their parents wants to send her away. Her mother reaches into sink disposal and pulls out the gerbil! Holyoake warns the counselors about Malfus and shows them a book. He starts playing his piano, the black lake waters, something glows red and moves Evil Dead style to the cabin. Jessie looks out the cabin, blood flows down the windows. He starts to bleed tears and torn into ghostly shreds, Amy smiles. Night, Amy’s parents are asleep, her brother leads her outside to the garage and slams the door on her. She is wakened by a fireman (Connor Mackay) who holds out his hand, he takes her past a police car, and fire engine. An officer tells her that there was an accident, carbon monoxide, her family is carried out on gurneys! Sykes tries to calm them down, the piano has a symbol on one of the keys, he wants to get the cylinder to play the song. Jessie wants to complete the ritual, the first part is to reveal the demon, the guys hold down Amy, Jessie pours the holy water into Amy’s mouth. The chair rips out of their hands and yanked to the other side. Sykes tries to talk to Amy, he hears his father’s voice saying he is waiting for him, Amy’s eye goes all black.


The bus is on its way with Blair, Drew, and Deb, suddenly the road becomes thick with fog and then blood covers the windows with the children screaming! The bus driver opens the door, Deb sees the driver’s hand and face, when he is pulled away. Amy starts speaking in a foreign tongue trying to seduce Alex.  On the bloody window is marked “Let Me In” (I think the demon saw the film). Deb heads out. Sykes tries to encourage Amy to fight and she bites him! Bloody mouth Amy! A counselor (Marilyn Norry) talks about Amy in a group session. Jessie apologizes to Amy while Sykes reads the incantation. They hear Deb’s voice, Alex is cautious, Jessie opens the door and they see a demonic Deb. Sykes throws the holy water, the door slams, and they see Amy freed of the ropes! Amy wants one of them to open the door, Alex is thrown and then Jessie. Deb walks the foggy woods and she sees a body. Jessie is wakened with Sykes hanging by his neck, Amy threatens to kick out the chair he’s on if Jessie opens the door. Deb calls out the demon and sees Keith who chokes her. Jessie offers herself to Malfus and the demon slips into her mouth! They collapse and Alex checks on the girls, Jessie has the demon eyes. She revives enough to tell Alex to throw her into the holy water, he does so, Keith is staggered and dissolves into red liquid. The blood fades from the bus and they drive off. Alex helps Sykes get free of the rope. Sykes checks on Amy who pulls free the lid to see Jessie curled up in the water. Amy tries CPR on Jessie, she coughs at the last moment. One month before the camp opens, Deb sees Amy at the lake who introduces herself, and tells her that they don’t have a position for her. Flashback to Amy with her friend, Margot, from the first episode, Amy tells her that the camp is what she was looking for and let’s go of Margot’s bracelet, killing her. The cops see her and also Krissy. She tries to warn Deb when Amy is behind her and strikes her down. Amy picks up the axe from Krissy’s body and looks for Deb. Scene of Amy giving CPR brings back Malfus from Jessie’s mouth. Deb stabs Amy with the knife, who pulls it out, Deb falls and knocks over the mask. Malfus Amy strikes Deb several times. The masked Amy kills Blotter, throws Cricket into the bear trap, covers up the head, and watches Sykes shoot the sheriff. Amy takes out the camp t-shirt to wipe the blood from her face. Jessie honks the horn to call for Amy. Five bloody Bracelets out of Five!