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Dead of Summer, “The Dharma Bums”, Review!

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Camp Stillwater, 1970, a flashback to a younger Deb at a dance, a boy, Keith, takes her out to the woods at night, he has a box with Dharma Bums from Jack Kerouac which he puts in the box. Depeche Mode’s “Blasphemous Rumors” plays as they kiss and then we get the current camp in summer of 1989. Deb is solemn as Blair helps load Cricket’s things into a car to be driven away. Deb goes to her cabin and sees footprints. She is grabbed by the older Keith (Dylan Neal) and he holds up the Kerouac book. The counselors sitting around, Jessie asks about Blair, but their relationship has gone cold. Alex and Blair go to the basement and find a suitcase, the light goes out and the door closes, shiver. Blair takes out an ouja board, did he see the movie?, he says, “We’re going to talk to Cricket.” The counselors are discussing the ouja board. Alex wants to know, Jessie is cynical, and Blair is set on using the board at night. Deb is talking with Keith, she’s still emotional over losing Cricket, he tells her it’s not too late. She asks him to leave and he’s leaving that night. Day, the table of the Children’s Defense League, Deb is reading a book with Keith’s picture. A businessman, Fred, sees her as a nuisance. She tells him she’s a Harvard lawyer and he signs her petition for her phone number.


Deputy Garrett looks at the Tall Man’s picture at his mother’s diner, wondering if his father was investigating it, he opens the ring and finds a note that has a file number that Garrett says got him killed! Deb plays a record and flashes back to a reading a post card from Keith in her office. Fred enters, kisses her, bringing her a bottle of wine and a ring. The file is opened and Garrett finds a notebook with symbols. Blair and Alex enter the camp’s kitchen to find ginger and chicken blood! Alex is creeped out, but Deb enters and Blair is defiant to her. The office building, Deb walks out calling a taxi, Keith bumps into her. At a bar, they talk, he’s not published. She suggests he publish the poems he sent her on postcards, she’s kept them. Keith tells her the camp has been closed and wants to dig up their time capsule. He slides her a key and leaves. The radio plays by a camp fire, Deb sees Keith, he holds out his hand to her to dance. Keith tells her about Pauline who was stuck in her cabin with the flu and Deb stayed with her. “Those days are gone forever”, she says. They kiss.

DEAD OF SUMMER - "The Dharma Bums" - The counselors turn to drastic measures to get answers about the recent events happening at Camp Stillwater in "The Dharma Bums," an all new episode of "Dead of Summer," airing TUESDAY, AUGUST 2 (9:00 - 10:00 p.m. EDT) on Freeform (the new name for ABC Family). (Freeform/Katie Yu) ELI GOREE, PAULINA SINGER, MARK INDELICATO, RONEN RUBINSTEIN

The ouja board, Blair was taught the ceremony by his abuelita, his grandmother. He asks Cricket to give them a sign and the ouja board rattles, something enters Amy and she screams, her eyes roll back white. Amy says she’s Cricket, she says someone is coming for her and pushed her, and then in Tall Man’s voice says to kill her making Amy take up a knife! Blair says some words that ends the session and the ouja board is shattered. Jessie is on the floor writing something, she throws the pen and it pins the paper, the symbol! Jessie is panicking and Blair said that something else possessed her. Joel says it was Holyoke. Jessie takes the picture and goes to call Garrett. Deb is laughing at the camp fire, Keith leaves her, and she runs after him. Garrett is there with a shovel and Jessie runs up to him and shows him the picture. He matches the symbol with the map. He knows where the skull is buried. Deb goes to the docks to see Keith. At a motel, Deb goes to a room and unlocks it. Keith is on the floor collapsed from drugs. At the dock, she tries to hold Keith and she wants to go with him. He tells her to watch over the others and leaves her in the fog, “There is more things coming, dark things.” Flashback, Deb pulls up in her BMW to check out the closed camp with his ashes. She sees the for sale sign, current day, she tells the camp about her failure with Cricket. She has a time capsule box each counselor places an object into the box. Drew apologizes to Blair and Blair puts a handful of dirt onto the box. Garrett and Jessie uncover the box with the skull. He sees on the symbol the locations of the box and Cricket’s body, Jessie points out the next location and Garret finds blood, something was moved. Blotter’s head is thrown into a hole by a masked person! Five bracelets out of Five!