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Dead of Summer, “Townie”, Review!

Jondee here at Stillwater,

Kids on bikes in Stillwater, 1982. One, Garrett Sykes, (Anton Starkman) is 14 and takes out a bat to take revenge on the principal for putting them in detention. He gives the bat to another kid, Damon (Lucas Wyka) who walks up to a car hits the window and the alarm goes off. The other kid shatters the driver’s side window. The sheriff pulls up catching the two kids. Garrett talks to his police officer father who takes him to the diner and shows him a Camp Stillwater pamphlet. Current day, Sykes shows the sheriff the evidence and wants to bust Damon. The sheriff wants to catch them with Amy as the bait! Deb doesn’t like the plan. Candles in a cave, a secret meeting of Damon telling his fellow cult members about the Teacher. He asks one, “Call to the vessel.” Damon gags him with a towel and cuts off his tongue as he screams Amy! They put on the masks. The camp, young Jessie (Shayla Wells) comes up to young Garrett with a candy apple. They are both on Team Red with tug of war. Garrett drops the rope with a kid’s townie insult about his mother and punches him. She is angry and he calls her back “Braces!” Current day, Sykes reassures Jessie. Amy is planting flags and senses something calling on her walkie talkie to the sheriff. He sees the masked figure and moves towards him. Skykes points out the ritual place and Jessie says it’s where his father was killed. He walks off. Alex runs up to Joel and says Anton is talking to Holyoake. Sykes calls on the walkie talkie and finds the sheriff’s fallen walkie talkie. Amy walks hypnotized to Damon and follows the cult members!

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Young Sykes is getting friendly with Jessie and sees his father bringing in a counselor, Michael. Deputy Sykes is searching for Amy and calls for help. Deb tries to call in the others, but it’s just static. Drew is walking with Blair and shows him a knife. Blair sees a mask and falls backwards hurting his ankle. Jessie, Joel, and Alex bring Sykes a picture that Anton drew, Sykes has a similar picture from 1982, Michael, Joel’s brother. Sykes remembers that Michael said something about a cave. Amy is in a white dress suspended by a rope above the water in the cave. Damon says, “It chose you.” He takes out a knife and Amy cuts her arm! Drew helps Blair walk and throws away the mask. They hear Deb’s recall. Flashback, Sykes sees his uncle, the sheriff, and then goes on to seeing Jessie playing tether ball. She leaves him. The cave, the followers rise to see the Teacher, Amy is lowered to the water and revives screaming! Flashback, the campers get ready in their teams for Capture the Flag. Sykes heads off and finding the blue flag running into the other team. He smiles as Jessie takes the flag winning for the team! Night, Deputy Sykes takes out the picture and sees a tree with a hidden door. He goes down the stair and hears Amy’s screams. Damon takes off his mask and walks towards his former friend who has his gun pointed at him. Damon says, “When our blood mixes with hers we live forever”, the cultists takes out their knives and cut their throats! The rope snaps and Amy falls into the water. 1982, Jessie carves their nicknames into a bench and he kisses her! The police scar pulls up with his mother who is crying, his father is not there. Sykes dives in and swims to Amy, a clawed hand grabs her, very Cthulhu. Skykes takes hold of the rope and is pulled up. Jessie has used the crank, Sykes gives her cpr, and she chokes up the water! They hear the sheriff on the walkie talkie. Surprisingly, her white dress isn’t stained by the blood. They bring Amy back to the cabin. Blair puts his hand on Drew’s arm and they kiss. Sykes thanks Jessie and Joel is still worried about Holyoake. The sheriff congratulates Sykes and he takes them, but Sykes suspects he’s the Teacher and they fight. The sheriff says, “You ruined everything just like your father.” Sykes has his gun on the Teacher who makes an offer to join him, he says, “I’ll never join you.” and shoots the Teacher down, a masked figure is behind them! Are the mysteries wrapped up? Five Bracelets out of Five!