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Available Now! Deadpool 2 Soundtrack- The First Film Score In History To Receive Parental Advisory Warning

It’s fitting that the Deadpool 2 soundtrack would be the first “Parental Advisory” labeled soundtrack in cinema history! Despite being available in a limited edition vinyl pressing, this is it your daddy’s movie soundtrack! With songs like “Holy Shit Balls” and “Make This World Our Bitch!” composer Tyler Bates (Marilyn Manson, 300, Sucker Punch, John Wick) really captures the feel and attitude of one of Marvels most eccentric and foul mouthed meta superhero.



The Vinyl record itself is a piece of art! Two awesome images of the wise cracking Deadpool adorn the album. The record comes in a clear plastic cover and a full size Deadpool 2 movie poster with the title “From the Studio That Killed Wolverine!” On one side of the album is a close up of Deadpool with a “naughty” face. On the flip side, Deadpool is lounging romantically across a giant swan drifting lazily on a pond! You will want to order two of these so you can frame both sides they look gorgeous printed on 150-gram album!
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DEADPOOL 2 (Original Motion Picture Score) tracklist:
1.         X-Men Arrive
2.         Fighting Dirty
3.         Hello Super Powers
4.         Escape
5.         Vanessa
6.         Weasel Interrogation
7.         Holy S*** Balls
8.         Mutant Convoy
9.         The Name is Cable
10.       Sorry for Your Loss
11.        You Can’t Stop this Mother F*****
12.       Ice Box
13.       Docking
14.       Make the Whole World our B****
15.       Pity D***
16.       Knock Knock
17.       Let Me In
18.       Maximum Effort
19.       The Orphanage
20.      Cable Flashback
21.       Genuine High Grade Lead
22.      Courage Mother F*****