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Disney Rides Made into Movies (4 and 5)!

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Unfortunately, it is early in the game to see other studios and parks making the cross over, but I could see Universal Studios seeing possibilities. I would like to see the Jurassic Park river ride find its way into a Jurassic World sequel. There have been mixed results with the theme park to movie with Country Bears (2002) with Beary Bearington having to reunite the band to save Country Bear Hall. The show (which is still at Magic Kingdom) was charming and the purpose was to show the appeal of country music to guests, but the film didn’t capture that magic. The film will be analyzed based on their creativity and similarities to the ride (or land). The above pic is from the Disneyland gallery that was above Pirates of the Caribbean for the Haunted Mansion film. Here we go with number five and four:


5 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003). This film is at five since it is not really based on the ride, it is telling its own story with only hints of the ride glimpsed in the “Yo Ho” song, the redhead slapping Jack Sparrow, and Jack trying to tempt the dog for the keys. There is no talking skull, no governor dunked, and the gunfight on barrels of dynamite. The film drops all references to the ride like the Wicked Wench ship and the town of Puerto Dorado. It doesn’t really have the fun of the ride, but the world is interesting enough to throw in Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, and Davy Jones on the waterfall for the ride upgrade. The Shanghai Disneyland has a more fun version of the films for its new ride.


4 Haunted Mansion (2003). In terms of the ride connection, this is a superior film with the backstory of the Gracey family and the curse of the manor. It was directed by Rob Minkoff who also co-directed the Lion King (1994), Stuart Little (1999), and The Forbidden Kingdom (2008). I really like Jennifer Tilly as Madame Leota still stuck in her crystal ball, but playing a role in the story. It makes me want to go back to the ride and see it with new eyes. It’s the same with the recent Marvel comic series. The addition of Eddie Murphy as real estate agent, Jim Evers, and his family is nice. The parts of the ride are integrated in the story, not gags like Pirates. There are some creepy moments with the crypt zombies, but is fun romp like the attraction.  Three through number one is coming up!