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Flash, “Escape from Earth-2”, Review!

Jondee here at S.T.A.R. Labs,


Flash has entered Earth-2 last episode with the appearance of Detective Iris West, Killer Frost, and Reverb, the evil version of Cisco, while Jay and Joe face the super villain, the Geomancer, back on Earth-1! Flash is captured in Zoom’s prison. Zoom’s voice over terrorizes the city with Zoom flashing a “Bring Me Wells” photo to a police officer. Wells sees the “Bring Me Wells” burning on a building. Henry Hewitt, Wells’ assistant, tells Wells he is worried. He pulls out his rifle on Cisco who runs in with an update. Cisco has taken the visor from Reverb. The Earth-2 Barry is seen calling out handcuffed in a room. They free him to save Flash. An alert is sounded with the arrival of Zoom. He flashes past the security guards and has Henry in a choke hold. Barry, Wells, and Cisco race to the Time Vault where they take refuge. Zoom appears and flashes into the Vault. The wall appears with Barry’s mouth covered by Cisco. At the prison, Flash works on checking the cell, but Jesse, the daughter of Wells, says it’s useless. The man in the mask is there knocking. Flash tells Jesse that everything they have done was for her. Zoom appears and wants the Flash’s speed. The twists of Earth-2 appear to be finished, but the confrontation is ramping up.

The Flash -- "Escape From Earth-2" -- Image FLA214a_0011b -- Pictured: Violett Beane as Jessie Quick -- Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW -- © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

S.T.A.R. Labs, Earth-One, Jay reports back to Caitlin that he was too slow for Geomancer. She is readying Velocity-8, one more to go! The serum is destroying him. Central City Picture News, Iris is introduced to her new editor who wants the focus off of the Flash. She says she can get an interview with the “other Flash.” Earth-2, Barry walks up to Detective Iris West, and takes her to his lab. He tries to explain her the other Earth by a television show, Commander Carlson, who traveled through a black hole. Wells and Cisco are there and Wells explains that he is after Zoom because he has his daughter. Iris explains that the key may be Killer Frost. Earth-2 Barry can find Killer Frost. He mentions Patty Spivot compiled information on Killer Frost. Iris leaves with the team along with her husband. The knocking continues in the cell, Flash says it’s not Morse code, he tells Jesse that Wells admitted that she is smarter than him. She says that the pattern of knocks is in five. Barry knows that it is a code used by P.O.W.s. Caitlin has developed Velocity-9! This is the serum that can used to get to the Speed Force first appearing in Flash #12 (1988). An alarm and on the news, Geomancer appears, sending shockwaves in the city. Jay injects the Velocity-9 and his eyes flash with lightning!


Earth-2, Flash races with his helmet, to evacuate the people before the building crashes down. He tips his helmet and races away, falling back at the lab, Iris is there. She is there for an interview. Knocking continues, the letter J, A, Jesse works it out to be a Y. The man shakes his head. Zoom appears and threatens the man in the mask. He throws down Flash. Zoom beats up Flash in his cell. Barry recovers and says that Zoom showed him the way out. In the forest, they see Killer Frost, Iris has her gun out with Cisco also armed. She mocks Cisco’s power, he says, “It’s a work in progress Elsa.” LOL. They take cover by a tree and the team splits up. Killer Frost fires her blasts and she has the jump on Iris, but Cisco puts his gun to her head. Caitlin has found a way to save Jay. Geomancer appears and slams down a quake. Caitlin is knocked unconscious and Geomancer throws down Iris. He is shocked by Caitlin’s rifle. Earth-2, Iris wants to know Zoom’s lair. Cisco tells Killer Frost about his Caitlin. She agrees to take them to Sentient Cliffs. Flash tries to vibrate out of the cell. Jesse says he needs to vibrate at a different frequency. He readies himself. Wells is impressed and Cisco says it’s the Cliffs of Insanity, Princess Bride reference. Killer Frost is going to use her ice powers to reach the cliff. She ices up the cliff.


Joe has a neck brace that cancels out Geomancer’s powers and takes him to Iron Heights. Caitlin says the Velocity-9 regenerates Jay’s cells and he kisses her. There is a malfunction with the breach from Geomancer’s tremor. The breach is unstable, Joe is worried, Iris sees that there is an hour left for the others to return. The ice bridge is up on the cliff, Cisco calls out to Barry. Wells is reunited with his daughter and lifts up the cell door. He calls for Killer Frost to help with the chain. She shatters the chain, but can’t get through the wall for Flash’s cell. Barry wants them to leave. Earth-2 Barry tells him what they went through and builds the Flash up to phase through the cell. Flash vibrates through. Zoom appears and thanks Killer Frost. Zoom grabs Jesse, but Frost hits him with her powers. They run away and Barry wants to free the man in the iron mask. Sparks fly from the breach ring. Jay wants to create a vortex. Joe wants to help hitting switches on the rings. Jay flashes around as Joe works the switches. It stabilizes and Jay falls. Flash brings the group to a lab. Jesse mentions they can find safety in Atlantis. Iris tells Barry to hug her father. An alert. Wells takes his daughter back through the breach. Joe wants the breach open until Disco appears with Jesse. Zoom has Wells is in his hand. He stabs Zoom with the needle. Flash appears with Wells. Jay is there and is struck by Zoom’s hand before he is brought back through the breach! Four Flash rings out of Five!