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Flash, “Flashpoint”, Review!

Jondee here at the Flashpoint!,


Last season of the Flash had Barry rebooting the universe by saving his mother from the Reverse Flash, Flashpoint from the 2011 comics event that rebooted the DCU to the New52. Three months later, Barry is at CC Jitters about to talk to Iris when the news comes on about a battle between The Rival (first appeared in Flash Comics #104 in 1949!) and the Flash. Barry watches their battle, the super powered Kid Flash in yellow suit and the Rival in black suit with flared horns to the side. Barry tries again and introduces himself since she doesn’t remember him from elementary school. He awkwardly asks her out on a date and then returns to the CCPD meeting Captain Mendez (Alex Desert, Julio Mendez in the 90’s Flash series, he was a lab assistant to Dr. McGee!). Flashback to Flash saving his mother and taking Reverse Flash to a warehouse. He opens the warehouse to give dinner to Reverse Flash in a prison. Reverse Flash says that time will destroy the Flashpoint world. Barry sees his parents come out of their house. Nice that Barry has a normal life, but boring. He tells his parents that he finally asked out someone. Captain Mendez is not happy that Detective West is missing. Barry flashes to see Joe asleep at home. He flashes him ready for work. Joe doesn’t want Barry’s help, Iris walks up, and Joe doesn’t approve. Iris walks with Barry on their date and he suddenly gets visions of the pre-Flashpoint world. A police car signals another battle between the Rival and the Flash. Barry flashes to see the fight, Flash falls out of a building, and Barry uses his wind power to slow him down. Flash falls into a dumpster, Barry unmasks him, it’s Wally!


Barry checks out Wally’s apartment headquarters and sees Iris. Wally tells his origin of racing and getting hit by lightning to become the Flash. Barry calls him Kid Flash. Iris mentions they could use the help of Cisco Ramon, they travel to the former S.T.A.R. Labs, Cisco Industries! Cisco is there in suit and glasses with tall female assistant who kisses him. Barry says he knows Cisco and tells him about his brother Dante. Flashback, to scenes of pre-Flashpoint Cisco, he returns to the warehouse. Reverse Flash explains that Barry using his speed makes him lose memories. He yells, “Now who’s the villain?!” Barry as the Flash brings Wally and Iris to Cisco’s office. Flash tells them about the Flashpoint and then flashes over Caitlin Snow, now an ophthalmologist. Iris senses that she was in love with Barry. Cisco tells them that Caitlin has detected the Rival. Flash and Kid Flash head over to a factory and The Rival faces them. He takes off his mask and introduces himself as Edward Clariss. They fight and Captain Mendez calls for backup. The Rival skewers Kid Flash with a piece of wood. Flash is about to finish off the Rival, but the flashbacks hit. The Rival spins two speed tornados at Flash. Iris tells him that she believes in him. Flashback to last season. Flash counters both tornadoes. The Rival is about to strike The Flash, but is shot, by Joe! He sees his injured son taken to Cisco Industries for recovery. Barry comes back home to introduce his parents to Iris. Flashback to his parents. Iris brings him to the warehouse. Iris kisses Barry. He falls and Reverse Flash flashes them away. Back to Flash saving his mother, Reverse Flash is there and stabs her, flash through seasons one to two, Reverse Flash has taken Barry to his house, and then runs away. Barry enters and hugs Wally there with Joe. They have a drink. Joe is angry when Barry asks about Iris. A man is wakened from his bed, Alchemy is scratched on his window. Four Flash Rings out of Five!