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Free Comics Day!

Jondee here at the Comic Book Store,


Part of Free Comics Day is the fun of hitting several stores. I reached Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton first. It had a tent of bargain bins, a table of free comics, and an half-off sale on back issues. Then, it was the podcast before I continued the FCBD search. I checked out Comics Unlimited in Westminster and they gave Civil War II to everyone and I picked up Steve Rogers: Captain America. The next store already had run out of free comics. I finally ended up Pop! Comics in Center Street Promenade in Anaheim. They had several rows of free comics. I chose Rom, Suicide Squad, Archie, Legend of Korra, and Spectrum.  I had the chance to talk to Rob Liefeld at the store while he was picking up his comics.  Exhausting day, but it was nice to see people excited about and buying comics.