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From Coraline to Kubo Exhibit Review!

Jondee here at the Dark Sea,

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The Globe Theatre located on the London section of Universal Studios Hollywood showcased From Coraline to Kubo: A Magical Laika Experience. This exhibit closed on August 28th. Guests waited patiently outside as small groups were led inside for the tour. The first room had displays of artwork from the Laika films and also several Nike shoes designed for the films. A Laika guide takes you into a dark hall flanked by figures from Coraline (2009). There is the Coraline tunnel which is like magic and opens up to the Pink Palace apartment house, it looked like the largest doll house. The detail was incredible, lit up, you can imagine tiny people are walking around the house making dinner. The next room has the van from Paranorman (2012) complete with Judge Hopkins clinging to the roof! Across to it is the locker room with Norman facing the bully, Alvin, as his best friend, Neil starts to walk away with Salma. A display case has the cast of Paranorman and finally Norman’s house. Then, we get a room of boxes that display all of the characters from Boxtrolls (2014), very clever. Snatcher is on top of his Crusher machine, Lord Portley-Rind is on top of the stairs, and we get a peek into the Boxtrolls cavern complete with Shoe and Fish.

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The Kubo and the Two-Strings section begins with a long row of the different faces for Kubo and Monkey. Next was the figures of Kubo, Monkey, Beetle, and Origami Hanzo on pedestals. A photo op was at the end with origami birds that can float off your shoulders like in the film. Then, we get our villains, the Moon King and the Sisters, and also the Moon Beast poised like a serpent. Absolutely stunning is the room in Hanzo’s castle with Kubo and Beetle, it is like being dropped into Kubo’s world, you can really sense being there on set. Another room has the origami boat complete with Beetle drawing his bow as Monkey watches him with Kubo. The final room was the large figure of the giant skeleton, origami birds hang from the ceiling, and then the jaw drops when you see the massive full sized giant skeleton from torso to clawing hands! There was some incredible merch at the end, shirts, pins, and other items. I was able to interview Travis Knight, head of Laika, the directors and actors of Boxtrolls, and also meeting the people working at From Coraline to Kubo and the museum exhibit and have to say as a studio, they are all as much fans and in awe of the films and their artistry as you. I never found a more open group of people who like to talk about their films. “If you must blink, do it now.”