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Game Over, Man!- Review

GAME OVER, MAN! (2018)

Directed by: Kyle Newacheck
Starring: Adam Devine, Anders Holm, Blake Anderson, Daniel Stern, Neal McDonough
Three ambitious best friends Alexxx, Darren, and Joel, are stuck in a dead end job as hotel housekeepers. They do their best to make their day to day lives suck less, like playing in the wake of rap stars parties, drinking open bottles of champagne, and taking incriminating selfies. Their luck seems to take a turn for the better when The Bey of Tunisia and social media star invites them into his inner circle. The Guys pull off a bold pitch attempt of their “Skintendo Joy Suit”, an interactive video game body suit.  Their new found luck quickly goes south when a Die Hard style take over, complete with the “nerdy black guy”, takes over the hotel in order to hold the Bey hostage for ransom. “The Dew’d Crew” are the only ones left in the building who can do anything to save the Bey and their newly established funding.
Hilarious! It’s like Pineapple Express meets Die Hard. Basically “Game Over, Man!” borrowed the premises of the best action films of the 80’s and 90’s and threw them together in a pop-culture blender and you’ve got “Game Over, Man!”. That’s all forgivable when its done so well!
There are several awesome celebrity cameo’s that bring another level of joy to “fanboys and girls”. Jon Stewart, Steve-O, Shaggy, I won’t spoil anymore. From the opening minutes there are chuckles and laughs. Obscene sexual humor and crass jokes make this a sure hit for fans of dirty humor and still watchable for most comedy fans. However, Game Over, Man! might be a little too “low-brow” for more sophisticated viewers.
The practical and visual effects for Game Over, Man! are on point with major action films. A high level of gore in exploding heads, graphic murders, bullet wounds, and dismembered penises. Speaking of Penises, there are a lot of them in Game Over, Man! as well as some illicit sexual acts, so be warned, not for the squeamish or easily offended. What might not be for most viewers is the exploding dog in the movie. It was graphic and sad. So again, be warned.
A strange character choice at the end of the movie makes one of the main characters near unredeemable and unlikeable. If it were’t for “fate and luck” and the other redeeming qualities of his counterparts the story would have left a very bitter and not so sweet ending. And speaking of the ending. Well, most of the movie was nearly believable but the “punching-robo-zombie” was a stretch even for a comedy, but I guess they needed to wrap this whole thing up somehow. That’s what it really felt like. They had no idea how to end the movie and just said F*** it: ROBO-Zombie. SCIENCE, but not really.

Game Over, Man!

A fun ride with great moments of comedic brilliance. Often Low-brow but generally fun and not a waste of your viewing time. You will have to suspend your disbelief for most of this one but it is a fun ride!