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Hey Geeks! Check out this amazing Geek Speak TV Live! booth line-up and panel for this year Stan Lee’s L.A.Comic Con Sat Oct 29th, 1PM in ROOM 303A! UPDATE: Join us at our booth #1614 all weekend long for trivia and free stuff!




Joining us Live! is WWE’s RVD,Rob Van Dam, From, In The Middle and Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tommy Bechtold, Creature Creator Melissa Doss Diwa, Voice Over Artist Bill Ratner, and Writer/Producer and Cosplayer Chandra Chang.


Tommy Bechtold
@tommybechtold | Twitter



Tommy Bechtold was born on November 10, 1983 in Webster, New York, USA. He is an actor and writer, known for The Middle (2009), Mascots (2016) and Jimmy Kimmel Live! (2003).


This is Tommy’s second year on our panel and we can’t wait to hear about the latest in his success including being in a Netflix Original Film: “Mascots”


Tommy loves improv and is a featured member of Comic Book Live! The Super Hero Improv Comedy Show!





Rob Van Dam
@TherealRVD | Twitter


Rob Van Dam is an American professional wrestler and occasional actor. Van Dam is best known for his appearances with Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) in the late 1990s, with the World Wrestling Federation / World Wrestling Entertainment in the early to mid-2000s

Geeks and Professional Wrestling go together like peas and carrots and we can’t wait to get the low down on Pro Wrestling from one of the biggest names in the sport! RVD will also be appearing in the Geek Speak TV booth!


Melissa Doss Diwa
@melissamadfx) • Instagram
@melissamadfx) | Twitter


Melissa Doss is known for her work on Break-Up Art (2011), Botes al Amanacer (2012) and Andromeda (2014).

Melissa was a finalist on the reality tv show Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge and was on our panel last year. This year she will be appearing both on our panel and in our booth signing autographs, meeting with fans, and selling some of her hand made amazing creatures!





Bill Ratner
@BillRatner | Twitter


Bill Ratner is one of Hollywood’s premier voiceover artists and a published author, narrating movie trailers for the Coen brothers’ Hail Caesar, Pixar’s Inside-Out, Marvel’s Ant-Man, Will Ferrell’s The Campaign, MegaMind, Talladega Nights, etc., commercials for Hyundai, Sprint, Pizza Hut, etc., documentary narrations for Discovery, History Channel, Smithsonian Channel, Disney World, and is the game voice of “Donnel Udina” on Mass Effect

 We had an amazing time last time with Bill on our panel as he fascinated us with tales of voice overs past! We can’t wait to catch up with Bill again and see what’s new!


Chandra Chang
@cha_changgg • Instagram



Writer Producer (Adult Swim’s The Boondocks and Black Jesus) Exceptional Cosplayer (R2 Kitty) and Self-Proclaimed Nerd Chandra is super funny and a long time Geek Speak TV Pal! We can’t wait to see what she’s been up to since we ran into her way back in San Diego 2012!