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Han Solo #1 Review!

Jondee here at the Dragon Void,


The big question of any Star Wars comic is how it furthers the story, in most cases, the recent comics stray and go off in their own corner. Not so with Han Solo #1. Writer Marjorie Liu currently has Monstress for Image, but has also written Astonishing X-Men and X-23 besides her novel work with Hunter Kiss and Dirk & Steele series. Mark Brooks has worked on many Marvel titles interior and covers. The cover by Lee Bermejo has a nice artistic cover with Han and Chewie with Leia’s face in shadow while the Falcon flies overhead. They have returned to smuggling and Han is at a cantina (with brown jacket) when the Trandoshan Katrull wants him for a job. He has picked up a tail and brought in by two bounty hunters back to Chewie when a pink astrodroid plays a message from Leia, they want the Falcon. He returns to the Rebel fleet to argue with her and General Airen Cracken, head of Rebel intelligence. They want Han to enter the Dragon Void Run, an expensive race, where they can pick up informants at the three planets where they will refuel. Han closes in to kiss Leia and she gives him the reason to leave, a sock across the jaw. The station for the Dragon Void is shown, great design work there and also with the strange aliens that show up in the cantina. Two Twi’lek pilots laugh at Han for the Kessel Run realizing he’s a smuggler. The blue alien (new to the SW universe) is Loo Re Anno, the best pilot in the race. The Falcon makes the jump and runs into an ambush with the racers attacked! This is Star Wars! Five Blasters out of Five!