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Han Solo #2 Review!

Jondee here at the Cantina,


Han Solo #2 features a cover by Lee Bermejo with Han leaning back with his blaster as two expired thugs are slumped around him. This continues the series with Marjorie Liu and Mark Brooks and throws you into a splash page of action. The Millennium Falcon is flying past ships struck by mines in the Dragon Void Run. The other pilots are falling trying to outrun the mines. Loo Re Anno is patient surrounded by globes. Han and Chewie are struggling when hotshot pilot, Delan Vook, uses the Falcon as cover and fires on the mines. Han has Chewie shut down the engines and the mines fly past. He figured out that the mines don’t hit disabled ships. Loo Re Anno hooks a cable to the Falcon to carry her through the static barrier. Han is the first human to complete part of the race sort of like Anakin and the Podrace. The Falcon reaches the first planet for refueling (unidentified) and Han is angry at Delan Vook for shooting on his ship. The panel arrangement was slightly confusing. Han picks up one of Loo Re Anno’s globes which has taken a liking to him. Han is confronted by stormtroopers. At a cantina, Chewbacca is there to show a Rebel symbol to his contact, a Duro named Bot. A female human bounty hunters fires on Chewie and he takes off with the contact. Han is saved by a crowd who want the race, the implication is that the globe contacted Loo Re Anno to get help. A stormtrooper strikes Delan Vook in custody and Han hits the other stormtrooper. The last page is of an Imperial officer offering to help up Han along with other stormtroopers. Four blasters out of Five!