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Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass-Review & Graphic Novel Give Away

Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass Graphic Novel

Written By: Mariko Tamaki

Art by: Steve Pugh


“Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass” is the latest young adult graphic novel by DC Comics written by Mariko Tamaki, Saving Montgomery Sole, with art by Steve Pugh, Hellblazer and Radical. Breaking Glass is available in comic stores now! Check below for how to win a copy of “Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass” for yourself!

The nine-chapter beautifully drawn tale takes a look at a high school aged Harleen Quinzel who is sent to live with her Grandmother in Gotham city after her mom lands a gig on a cruise line. Harley’s mom isn’t the best of parents and doesn’t have that closest of relationships with her own mother. It’s no surprise to Harleen to find in place of her grandmother, who passed away several years earlier, she finds her middle aged drag queen landlord and her grandmothers good friend, Mama. Mama is a good person and invites Harleen to stay and go to school instead of forcing her out on the streets of Gotham.

Despite having suffered some hardships in life, Harleen is a positive, confident, eccentric who is a bit of an oddball. She has some trouble finding friends in her new High School. It doesn’t take long for her to figure out who the Boogers and the Angels are amongst her classmates. Harleen befriends a feminist activist in the passionate Ivy Du-Barry. Ivy is the perfect strong, vocal, planet loving, vegetarian, best friend Harleen could as for. Harleen and Ivy both don’t get along with the king of the Boogers in Gotham High, the spoiled, entitled son of corporate industrialists, John Kane.

The neighborhood is under attack by the Kane’s Millennium Enterprises. They want to destroy the old and rebuild with new, forcing out the people and the local culture that has been there for decades. Harleen isn’t one who likes change and doesn’t take lightly to having her new found happiness threatened. After being given a Harley Quinn doll by one of her fairy god drag queens, she’s found the perfect identity to cause a little mayhem under. It doesn’t take long for Harley to realize that she’s not alone in her hatred of Millennium Enterprises and the Kane Family. The Joker is also starting to come into his own habits of chaos and destruction. Harley thinks she’s found an ally in anarchy in the young masked clown. Harley is still new to Gotham and she learns quickly that not all people who wear smiles are friends.

“Harley Quinn: Breaking Glass” was a fun read! It’s like an episode of Dawson’s Creek where Dawson is Harley Quinn with a drag queen step mom, Joey is Ivy, and Pacey is the Joker. It’s the perfect “Batman” themed graphic novel for teens and young adults. Beautifully illustrated, the new concepts on both Harley Quinn and the Joker are fun, interesting, and appropriate look for what you would think a High School teenager would create in order to cause a little bit of trouble while maintaining some discretion!


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