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It seems like only yesterday that we first developed our unhealthy love for crazy girls and it’s all thanks to Harley Quinn! She’s always been our personal favorite and now she’s taken over Batman Day to celebrate her turning the big TWO-FIVE!

From her first appearance in Batman:The Animated Series to her on screen portrayal in the Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn continues to steal the show! Her devotion to Mr. J has given Geeks a bar to aspire to when it comes to romance. A cosplay favorite at geek conventions, Harley Quinn embodies the carefree spirit and playful yet don’t mess with me attitude we have all come to love and adore. We are happy she’s was drawn into existence, the comic world is a more colorful place with her type of sexy insanity around! Happy Birthday Harley!

Take a look at the video from DC All Access “25 years of Harley Quinn”

On Saturday, Sept. 23, 2017, celebrations are planned at local retailers so check the link for comic stores and retailers in your area to see how they will be celebrating Batman/Harley Quinn Day! BATMAN DAY IN YOUR AREA