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Harry and the Hendersons- Movies You Gotta Catch!

Name: Harry and the Hendersons
Directed By: William Dear
Year: 1987
Genre: Comedy/Fantasy/Adventure
Starring: John Lithgow, Don Ameche, Melinda Dillon, Kevin Peter Hall.

A family of nature enthusiasts and hunters, the Hendersons, are returning from their camping trip in the forests of the Pacific Northwest when they accidentally hit an animal on the road. Turns out the would be road kill is the Legendary Sasquatch. Thinking that the animal is dead, the Hendersons strap him to their family wagon and drive it into the city. Not only do they find out that Bigfoot is still alive but like nothing they had ever imagined he could be. Before the Hendersons can make Harry a part of their family they realize that the city is no place for him, especially because the infamous Bigfoot hunter Jacques Lafleur is hot on their trail.

What’s So Good About It:
Harry and the Hendersons is an entertaining family 80’s classic. It’s good, clean, wholesome fun that stands the test of time!
John Lithgow gives one of the best dad performances of his career as the hunter turned animal lover.
The movie has a subtle PETA loving theme in preaching that killing animals for sport, clothing, and even food is wrong. Harry, being a vegetarian and protector of woodland creatures, starts to teach the Hendersons compassion for the living things that they once loved to kill.
Fantastic Oscar winning special effects creature make-up with Harry by the legendary Rick Baker. Even to this day Harry is a very realistic and believable on screen creation.

Harry has become one of Universals most recognizable and original creature creations. The movie was so popular that it spawned a television show that was not so well received, despite running from 1991-93 with 72 episodes.

Harry and the Henderson is a movie that you can enjoy with kids or in a room of adults. The movie itself has a high replay value and I recommend adding it to your collection when you can!