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Justice League: Rebirth #1 Review!

Jondee here at the city (not identified, New York? Metropolis?),


Bryan Hitch has guided the greatest super team into the Rebirth, the special has a Bryan Hitch cover with the Batman and Superman in the back and the other Leaguers, now with two Green Lanterns, Simon Baz and Jessica Cruz, facing front. The Justice League always had Superman in the leadership role with Batman as the tactical planner, but Wonder Woman is the voice of wisdom between them. The most valuable member is Martian Manhunter, he is the coordinator and communication (through his telepathy) for the team. He is missing here so it’s not really complete. Cyborg with the Geoff Johns upgrade has been outfitted with Apokalips tech for boom tubes. Hitch handles the writing and artwork on “Fear the Reaper.” The comic begins with people panicking in the streets and alien tentacles shred buildings. This turns into a two page spread upper panel of the rhinoceros beetle-like alien ship over the city. Hitch has the widescreen cinematic vision down. The ship sends out shell-like beasties with tentacles to capture civilians, very Starro. The Justice League is on the scene. Meanwhile, in their house in is Clark and Lois from Earth August with their son, Jon. Rebirth revealed that an alternate Superman appeared in the New52 and New52 Superman died in Superman #52. They are trying to live a non-super hero life, but Lois convinces Clark to fight to protect their son. Cyborg opens boom tubes to transport the parasite attached civilians. The Green Lanterns finish up taking care of an earthquake in China. The Leaguers enter the alien ship. We flashback to Batman on the JL satellite wanting to bring in Superman August to the team. Cyborg has detected the brain of the ship. Aquaman is struck down by its thoughts and also identifies itself as the Reaper. The GLs join the fight and then Superman who targets the brain and all of the League unleash their powers against it! (Batman throws a bat rang at it, uh, yeah). The civilians are freed and sport new headgear. Aquaman senses that the Reaper’s invasion is in advance of a greater threat. The Justice League stands to take on all threats. Four Justice League Signal Devices out of Five!