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Last Day at Long Beach Comic Con!

Jondee here at the empty convention center,

20160918_102430 Props from Con Man.

I got to the convention at about 10:15, I then headed over to the Knerds of the Round Table room, again, then went to see the Wonder Woman Turns 75 panel with Susan Eisenberg. She spoke about auditioning for the role. “I had an audition in 1999 believe it or not for Wonder Woman, I got the job, and in 2000 I started working on Justice League and in 2001 the show started and ever since then it’s just been daily projects one following the other.” Eisenberg continued with how she voiced the character, “So when I auditioned for the job I was told she was a warrior and a princess and so what you are hearing now is my speaking voice, so what I did for the role is just go a bit little deeper in my range, but maintain the princess quality so there’s sophistication to Diana because of the way she grew up and so I did that and everything else I got from the voice director, Andrea Romano, and the creator of our show, Bruce Timm, so ever I was getting too light with my voice or too high in the register, Andrea would be there saying, `Hey, warrior, never forget to bring that toughness.’, she would be there, you’re being guiding through your performance.” There is much more, but I will save it for a later article. Afterwards, I headed over to the Con Man table, I picked up the Con Man Blu Ray, but returned for the Firefly: Shots from the camera of Nathan Fillion book which was signed by Fillion and Alan Tudyk. It was available as a rewards program for supporters of Con Man. Also, the Spectrum #0 comic book signed by both actors, there were two copies left, so they must be gone now.

20160918_134519 Chris Moreno, artist.

I then went on my Hero Initiative book signing hunt. I went to Mike Perkins’ table since he had work in three of the books. Then, he shows me another one that I picked up!, Archie: 50 Times An American Icon in hardback! So I had two new books that I had to go back to some of the same artists to get signed. The interesting artist that I spoke to was Chris Moreno. We talked about comic collecting today and he mentioned getting a grab bag from a comic store and reading all of the comics in it. Seriously, talk to the artists, this is the best part of a con. The nice artist I saw was Tony Fleecs who drew the cover of the Archie book. Then, I was working at a table before another walk around. I found the artists that I didn’t find earlier, Whilce Portacio who was packing up, but still had to time to sign the Hero Initiative book. Also, Todd Nauck, whom I was trying to get the books signed all convention long, but he was nice about signing them. I went to Animation Island, I saw Phil LaMarr whom I saw many times before. What stopped me was he had a photo of the UBS Guy from Mad TV. I told him that I thought the UBS Guy was the sketch character with an arc; you understood his life, lonely, but still energetic. I also saw Tad Stones who created Darkwing Duck and Chip N’ Dale Rescue Rangers. We talked about the show and that Duck Tales is going to rebooted next year with all of the Carl Barks, Don Rosa, and animated show in it. The convention was closing, I helped break down a table, it is a chore for dealers to set up and clear out a table, and then left to go home.  Hope everyone had a fun time at the con!