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Legends of Tomorrow, “Marooned”, Review!

By Lil’ Yoda,


This week’s episode is a bit different from the last few weeks of ‘Legends’. This time, there’s no blast to the past as we stay on board the Waverider and another time ship for the majority of the episode. We have an opening scene with Captain Rip Hunter watching a hologram recording of his wife and son. Stein walks in and we find out that because of Rip’s rogue status with the Time Masters, they have no new data on Savage. They don’t know where to look or where it is best to strike next. The rest of crew is getting restless after a week aboard the ship, Rory especially. It appears that the relationship between Snart and Rory is still very strained after Snart refusing to leave him on future Star City in the last episode. Over the course of just seven episodes, these two have gone from being thick as thieves (all puns intended), to worlds apart as Snart begins playing the role of the antihero.
They receive a distress call from another Time Master, named Eve Baxter (Stephanie Cleough). All the Legends agree that it is probably a trap. They go in any way since the ship will have the necessary data to find Savage. Rip, Jefferson, Stein, and Rory are on the away team as Snart, Sara, Ray, and Kendra stay aboard the Waverider. After some joking on the ride over to the time ship about being a space ranger and NASA not letting people in if they smoke weed (we’re looking at you Stein), they arrive only to be jumped by space pirates.

Back on the Waverider, there is a bit of argument over whether Ray is more of Captain Picard or Kirk. I agree with Kendra’s conclusion that he is far more like Picard. That wouldn’t be the only Trek reference for the nigh, it seems they were adamant to hammer in a couple of Star Trek references, as well as Star Wars. I was a bit surprised at the lack of Galactica references considering guest star Callum Keith Rennie, who plays the time pirate Captain Valor in this episode, or at least I didn’t catch anything. As Valor has a gun to Rip’s head he contacts the Waverider and demands that the Legends hand it over, Gideon runs on automatic protocol and fires on the other time ship that the other Legends are still aboard. The pirates fire back and blow a hole in the hull of the Waverider.
Stein who got left behind on the transport sneaks aboard and takes out the targeting system, allowing the Waverider to get away. Snart and Sara go to seal the breach only to get locked in the room with the breach, slowly freezing to death. You want Captain Cold puns? ‘Cause that’s how you get Captain Cold puns. As they slowly freeze, Snart reveals how he met Rory in Juvie; how Rory saved him. He also reveals that he wishes he left Rory behind in future Star City. Foreshadowing anyone? On a small note, I really love the chemistry between Sara and Snart, even just as friends. Though I would love to see them together.Back on the other time ship we meet Eve Baxter as Rory, Rip, and Jefferson are all thrown into a cell with her. Rory and Rip end up arguing, and Rip reveals that he only brought Rory along because he and Snart are a ‘package deal’.

Meanwhile Stein takes out one of the pirates, takes his clothes and weapons and heads to break the Legends out of the cell. Nice little moment for Stein. Outside of Heatwave he doesn’t fight all that much and it’s great for his character to expand beyond just being the ‘brains’ of the operation. Back on the Waverider, Ray had gone out to patch the hull of the ship so Sara and Snart could get out. Slowly running out of air and freezing in space, Ray patches the hull of the ship just in time and comes aboard only to go into cardiac arrest. Kendra resuscitates him as Snart arrives asks if they need to be left alone. Back on the other time ship, Rory brokers a deal with the time pirates while Stein breaks the remaining Legends out of their cell. Throughout the episode there were flashbacks back to when Rip was a lieutenant, and so was his wife. Their relationship is discovered and they are forced to go in front of a tribunal. More importantly, before that, they were in a training exercise where she opened air locks to force intruders out of her ship. Rip decides to use the same strategy and clears out the pirates.

Rory arrives on the Waverider with the remaining time pirates in tow, and invites Snart to join him. Snart politely declines by shooting some of the pirates with the ice gun. Have I mentioned how much I love the fight choreography on this show? It is beautiful, believable and incredibly smooth. As Snart, Ray, and Kendra fight the pirates, Sara goes after Rory. After a close call, Snart takes down Rory with his cold gun. Rory leaves Snart, and the rest of us, with an important question: what is he going to do? After all of the pirates have been taken care of Eve gives Rip the information he needed and everyone is safe and sound aboard the Waverider.

The Legends convene to figure out what to do with Rory. They come to the conclusion that they can’t just leave him in 2016, so Snart volunteers to take care of him. Afterwards, we see Ray and Kendra together. Ray heard Kendra say that she needs him while trying to save him. He says she doesn’t and she cuts him off by kissing him. Personally, I’m indifferent to this pairing, but I do feel that it was a bit forced since the last episode where there was some drama between Ray and Jefferson over Kendra. Flashback to young Rip, where his future wife resigns from the time masters so Rip could stay, though they stay together and apparently eventually marry. Off the ship, Snart drags Rory into the middle of nowhere. After Rory tells Snart that he will always just be the ‘punk kid he saved in juvie’, Snart shoots his cold gun and shoots. The screen goes blank. Personally, I don’t think he’s dead. Remember kids, they aren’t dead until you see a body.
Overall, it was great for a filler episode. Solid four out of five. Join us next week to find out Heatwave’s fate and go on a jaunt to the nifty 50’s.