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Lineage II: Revolution Mobile App Game – Review

My review on Lineage II: Revolution the mobile app game comes from both a place of great scrutiny and love. Honestly, when I first heard that the NCSoft Korean Classic was being made into a mobile app game, my heart sank. Visions of cards and game pieces slowly moving across a static map swirled through my head. This would not do Lineage II justice. My love for Lineage II comes from being apart of the pre-Beta Game Master (GM) staff of the PC Version back in 2003. I spent a good chunk of my life online in the land of Aden. Part of my job was to handle in game issues and complaints and enforced the EULA. I attended conventions and spoke to the public about the game, played the game at home and even got my girlfriend playing. My roommates and I were in a clan together. The game was a significant part of life. Lineage II is, artistically, one of the best designed and unique looking games ever created. There is a good reason why Lineage II is a cultural phenomenon in Korea, similar to what we are beginning to see happen here with Overwatch, but times 1000!


The Premise:

Players can pick one of four races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, or Dark Elf. Each of the races has different attributes and bonuses. Players build characters level by running missions and collecting rewards while killing NPC’s. These Non Player Characters also drop items that players automatically pick up and can equip or sell. Players can engage in open player versus player combat. Any player can attack another in “non-safe” zones, but not without consequence, more on PvP below. Players can join clans with other players and engage in castle sieges. It’s unclear how castles will effect the mobile game, more on Castle Sieges below.


Players can control their avatar completely via a graphic D stick and touching the individual skill buttons. Players can also “auto” battle. The players avatar will attack every NPC in the area. The same works for questing. Click on the Quest and the avatar runs to the area and kills the necessary NPC’s to fulfill the quest. More on Quest Below. Players can set settings to not have their avatar attack NPC’s that are too high a level. When auto-batting avatars will also automatically use healing potions, mana potions, and soul shots. Players can set the mark as to when the avatar will use potions as well. Spells and Attacks are available to customize and use via buttons on the right hand side of the screen. Graphic timers countdown the time until your next available use for potions and skills, timing can be critical in combat.


Full MMO chat windows and direct messaging are available. Players can shout looking for party members, clan mates, quest companions, and items. Different filters are available to customize what players want to read from common, clan, local chat.

Graphics and Sound.

Wow! Lineage II, the 2003 release, was one of the most artistically well crafted games to this day. The mobile app game is just as gorgeous as the PC version of the game. Warning: Lineage II was the King of impractical armor and costumes for video game characters, both men and women. The mobile app game isn’t as bad but the “sexy” is still present. You will also want to close all other apps when running Lineage II because it is processor intensive. If you get “lag” you may want to reduce the quality of graphics. The game is gorgeous and renders a lot visually. You still get a visually satisfying game if you have to turn the graphics down…like WAYYY down! I run a iPhone 6 and I have it turned down to lowest. Still a great looking game.
The NPC’s have decent voice acting. Every action and NPC has a unique sound. The game has a classical music score as well.


The main quests run a story line uncovering a plot about an evil Dark elf who is searching for items to unleash an evil on the land of Aden, or something like that. The gameplay has been simplified for the mobile app. Players accept missions that grant rewards and Adena. Auto-questing really makes the game enjoyable. Back in the 2003 version “broken quests” were a major headache for GM’s. The quests are very “area specific” and if players did not kill the right NPC’s in the right area, they would not get credit for the quest. The Spawn rate for NPC”s is fast so there’s never any lack of targets to fulfill quests, another issue game masters faced. Good job Netmarble!!
Daily quests allow players to run up to 12 times a day. 60 weekly quests and limited use scrolls also help diversify the game play and questing.
Weekly a ladder of quests that awards bonus rewards at different tears.
Monthly players are awarded an item everyday they log in for the month.
Clan Hall/Clan Quests- once a Clan Hall is purchased, players can gain items and ingredients that allow special buffs through the clan hall.


Each race has access to several different types of classes. Each one of those classes has a set of skills based on the class and the equipped weapons: daggers, swords, staffs, and bows.
At level 32 you can specialize in a master class which grants additional skills.
Each class has unique bonuses, skills, and attributes and can only use specific items designated to that class. Rogue’s can only use bows and daggers, Mystic Staffs, Warriors can dual wield. etc.
Players are awarded skill points that you can assign to different skills to improve their damage and affect and can reset their skills once at their class transfer quest.

Weapons and Armor

Weapons and Armor are unique to classes. Daggers, bows, swords, dual wielding swords complete the arsenal available. Every item a character uses is customizable by using scrolls and varnish’s that add more attributes. This makes it so no two items are exactly alike.
Players can get added attack bonuses by equipping “soul shots” which are a per-use bonus damage charge for whatever weapon a player is using.


Clans are group of 30 players who ban together to fight under a single banner. They have access to special buffs, titles, storage, NPC stores and dungeons.
Clan’s can ally with other clans to form larger allegiances. This becomes important in castle sieges and in the day to day politics that manifest in the land of Aden. Sometimes a player needs a little muscle in their corner.


PvP is a major aspect and is the most unique part of Lineage II. Lineage II: Revolution is an open player combat game, meaning players can attack other players as if they were an NPC. Killing a player comes at a cost in the form of Karma. If a player kills another in PvP and were the aggressor their name will turn red. This means any other player can attack and kill them without consequence. In the original game players had the chance of losing an item if they are killed while “chaotic”. Players could also lose experience. I have not seen this or any consequence to dying applied to the mobile app game.
If players want to take on other players without the risk of going chaotic they can visit the “Battlefield” and enter the arena where players compete for rank and bonuses.


Dungeons are specific instanced areas of the game with a large concentration of high Level NPC’s. The drops are better, however, the NPC’s are stronger. Dungeons are meant to be handled as a group. Bigger risk comes with bigger rewards. Clans have their own set of Dungeons that can be upgraded via clan quests.
Daily Dungeons and Elite Dungeons are also available as is the Tower of Insolence. A ladder based dungeon where players face increasingly difficult waves of NPC’s.

Mounts and Pets

I’ve yet to get to this level of skill but the original Lineage II had mounts and pets and the skills are present, so I’m assuming this will be available….AWESOME!!

Castle Sieges*

These are not yet active in game but from previous experience and video available players and clans take on a Castle for control over the lands. These were usually weekly events. The winner of the castle own’s it for the week and collects revenue from taxes from sale by NPC’s in the land. Castle’s can be owned by a single clan. Alliances can be formed amongst other clans so all benefit from being on the winning side if a castle seige. Adena can be spent on extra defenses to protect the castle from the next siege.
*All speculation based on experience with the PC Version.
30 vs 30 Open Seige. Players above level 11 can participate in an open siege event where all stats are balanced. Unclear still is the benefit or reward from an “open siege”. This article will be updated once it’s released and the information is made available.

What do I think?

I’m happy to say that I was not disappointed. In fact, I am blown away by the mobile app version of the game. I’m even going to go so far as to say that this game is structurally more solid then the PC release. Not only that, it’s just as engaging as the PC version. Castle sieges, clan battles, allegiances, this mobile app game is amazing and is a must have. I’ve been playing since it’s release on Nov 17th and there has not been a need to pay for any additional content. Conan O’Brien is obviously on board with this game, you should be too! Download this app. It’s a lot of fun! Happy Hunting!