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Long Beach Comic Con Day 1!

Jondee here at the Long Beach Convention Center,


Day 1 of the con. There were the rows of fantasy cars, the Joker tagged police car, Jurassic Park jeeps, all in front of the food trucks. Long lines of fans waiting to get in, I heard that the fans paying at the door went straight in, and the pre-paid had to wait in line. I went in and had to help out at a table. I went to get my Hero Initiative books signed. I saw Chris Burnham and we talked about the upcoming Officer Downe movie. He had worked on the Image Comic book with Joe Casey which he said out of all of his work that is one he least expected to be made into a film. The Hero Initiative books are great to get signed since you get to see different artists. I went over to Animation Island and saw Susan Eisenberg, the voice of Wonder Woman in the DC Nation Wonder Woman shorts, the Injustice: Gods Among Us video game, and the Justice League animated series. A lunch break and then it was back to the con. I checked out the floor a bit before heading over to the Knerds of the Round Table which was in the building next door.


A passage, led to the lines that went out the door, looped around, and then went looped back until I found the end of the line. The line slowly moved until it got to the building, it became a gathering instead of a line, and we moved slowly into the room. There were no seats left from the previous Con Man panel. I was able to stand at the wall to the left of the stage. The cast of Firefly sat at the table; Adam Baldwin, Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Jewel Staite, and Sean Maher. The con pros were the actors who played Mal, Jayne, and Kaylee. Fillion spoke about being on shows that were cancelled, but he wasn’t the reason why they were cancelled. Baldwin was asked about his current show, The Last Ship, and how much attention and respect is paid to the military consultants. Staite was asked about the last episode of her series Flash Forward in 1997. Glau was asked what she wanted, but what was never seen in the show, and she said a boyfriend for her character. Also, that she and Maher wanted the show back. A fun panel that had the audience laughing. Later, I saw Sean Maher at his signing, and said I thought highly of the Much Ado About Nothing film by Joss Whedon. On the floor, I saw that Georges Jeanty had a Serenity Sketchbook based on the Serenity: Leaves on the Wind limited series from Dark Horse.