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We didn’t want to weigh in too early about the Lord and Miller firings off of the still untitled Han Solo project. We wanted to make sure that we we were able to gather more information before making assumptions because, as these things often do, they have many sides and it takes a little while for the truth to come out of the rumors. And with Lucasfilm/Disney being as notorious as they are with their NDA’s, we’re probably not gonna hear much from the Lord/ Miller camp anytime soon, if ever.  However, knowing what we know now, and with Phillip Lord arrogantly tweeting back in early May: “What’s so good about being reasonable”, we can see the early warning signs of creative differences surfacing.

In regards to their firing what we say is “Here! Here!” Yank that gun out of Greedo’s hand after the first shot. Ahem. Look what happened with Episodes I through III and the 90’s Special Editions. People not looking after the brand is what happened.

It’s no slight on the directing skills of Lord and Miller because, obviously, they are capable of Directing as a team as proof with “21 Jump Street” which was so good it caused a second Spawn. They made “Awesome!” an everyday word with “the Lego Movie” also, doing so AWESOME it spawned a sequel, and a Batman Lego Movie. But this isn’t a Lego Movie. Again, to even complete a film, get it released, and have it be a “success” is a testament to their skill set. However, being artists, you’re not always the right person, or in this case, creative hive mind for the job. Their flavor and style just isn’t appropriate for the character. You cannot make someone as iconic as Captain Solo into an “Ace Ventura”, which according to lead actor, Alden Ehrenreich, is what he thought the directors were trying to make him do with his performance. Yikes?! Ehrenreich was so concerned that he had a meeting with President of Lucasfilm and Exec Producer, the well respected, Kathleen Kennedy about it. That is bad. It would have been a waste and a shame to have the Han Solo movie be that slapstick of a comedy. Just because it works for plastic block men doesn’t mean it will work in live action. Not only could a Star Wars Bomb disappoint the fans, but it could have made the powers that be pull the plug on future Star Wars Spinoff’s in lieu of preserving the brand. They have a prime example of how you can loose street credibility with Star Wars in the prequel movies. They have an entire area of Disneyland currently under construction banking on Star Wars fans not having lost faith in the license. The last thing the stockholders want to do is to loose the fans of Star Wars by destroying the beloved Star Wars name and one of its beloved heroes. Star Wars barely survived the 70’s and the Star Wars Holiday Special, just barely, and isn’t it bad enough we currently have Disco Dancing Stormtroopers at Walt Disney World? Stop it Disney!

When it comes to a movie about one one of the baddest good guys in the galaxy, that is over 40 real years in the making, there is a level of responsibility that should be carried with the task. We want to know about how he got the Falcon. Where he came from. How he got hooked up with Chewbacca and how his bromance with Lando bloomed while his rivalry with Boba Fett grew! Was it a love triangle? We have too much riding on this to muck it up fellas, sorry, but let’s do it right the first time so we only do it this once…::cough:: The Hulk ::cough:: The last thing we want is a series of comic books filling the holes of how Han Solo went from Louis CK to Jay Leno. The point being, the character of Han Solo is not a comedian. Han Solo has “wit” and in stressful situations “wit” tends to rise like it does with Han.

New director, Ron Howard, is on his way to Pinewood Studios to complete filming with the schedule to finish in September instead of late July as previously planned with still, as of this writing, no delay on the release date. According to the sources close to the production, Lord/Miller refused to stick to this “signed off” on script, even after crisis prevention meetings, which aren’t a good thing in any industry. From the growing concern over the quality of dailies, the final product was not what the studio wanted and they felt that the pair was improvising too many lines on the fly.  All this, as well as not delivering the requested amount of camera angles, they were only delivering 3 angles, when 12-15 were asked for, the list of fouls was starting to grow. Some people might cry that Disney/Lucasfilm are being “overbearing control freaks” and they’ll quickly refer to the last minute director change in the successful ‘Rogue One’ movie ,however, that’s not how the Hollywood game is played, and never really has it ever been played that way. Directors are only given so much leeway when it comes to control when playing with “studio money”.  If the studio is paying for the lights, the cameras, the cast and crew, the food, and everything to do with the movie they are your client and boss and you better deliver what the client wants or heed the consequences. It’s being an artist 101. It’s the entire reason George Lucas himself went off and started Lucasfilm, and oddly enough, the same reasons we have the abominations known as “the prequels”. Nobody minding the store and saying “No!” when needed…Who the f@$! Cares about a desert-rat-kid in a futuristic soapbox drag race for 20 minutes?! Medioriants? Midichlorians? Sounds like a Space VD. Bad George!  But that’s the reason for Lucasfilm, George wanted nobody to be able to control the final versions of his movies. If Lord/Miller are even surprised or upset about this firing, they should take a page out of Lucas’s book and start their own studio. The rule is: “When you play with house money, you have to play by house rules.”

This is not to say that there’s not room for a comedy movie in the Star Wars universe. However, there’s a time and place for everything. Why not go and make the Cantina Band movie? Or the Jar-Jar movie? But don’t mess with somebody as awesome, charismatic, and established as Han Solo, it’s not going to go over well. Derp.

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