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Most Powerful Energy Projectors: Jessica Cruz GL vs. Hope Summers!

Jondee here at Avengers Mansion,


It’s an Annihilation conflict of the strongest female energy projectors!

DC – Green Lantern – Jessica Cruz, she first appeared in Green Lantern #20 (2013) by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke. She was on a hunting trip during the Crime Syndicate’s domination, Power Ring was killed by Sinestro and the Ring of Vaolthoom possessed Jessica, Batman helped her get back control, the ring is destroyed and a GL ring choses her, Jessica has teamed up with Earth’s other GL, Simon Baz, and they are members of the Justice League. She has great power with her Green Lantern ring to form constructs. Jessica has not been on film, tv, or animation though it is possible she might make it to a DC animated film.


Marvel – Hope Summers, created by Mike Carey and Chris Bachalo in X-Men #205 (2008), she’s an Omega-level mutant, Hope was born after M-Day, saved by Cable from the Purifiers, he also named her Hope Summers, she was the leader of X-Force and was a member of the X-Men. Hope can duplicate the powers of any mutant, seems to have the power of the Phoenix. Hope has not been depicted on film, tv, or animation.

It’s now Marvel hero vs. Marvel hero. Silver Surfer would have to travel to Earth for the battle. Hope absorbs powers from mutants, so Silver Surfer would be at full power and his cosmic power would defeat Hope Summers.