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 Directed By: Rudy De Luca

Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Joseph Bologna, Ed Begley Jr., Carol Kane, Geena Davis, Michael Richards
Monsters have long been a part of mankind’s greatest fears. Campfire tales of Doctor Frankenstein’s monster, the bloodsucking vampire, the cursed werewolf, and the ancient mummy have scared generations and packed movie theaters. Where did the inspiration for such unique and fascinating creatures come from? In the mid-80’s some of the best, yet still relatively unknown, Hollywood stars of our time all starred together in a fun comedy about the very thing called Transylvania 6-5000.


Jeff Goldblum is Jack Harrison, an ambitious young journalist. Ed Bagely Jr. plays Gil Turner, a daddy’s boy who is forever trying to please his tabloid pushing father. Jack and Gil receive a video from two tourists visiting Transylvania that shows an attack by what appears to be a “Frankenstein’s monster”. The two journalists are sent By Gil’s father Mac, Norman Fell, to discover the truth about the rumors coming out of Transylvania. Jack and Gil take in some of the local culture and are met with strange circumstances and curious run-ins. They begin to suspect that the fantastic stories that they are hearing about real monsters are actually true!


Transylvania 6-5000 is a slap-stick comedy from the 1980’s. There is nothing in the way of major special effects aside from the make-up and costumes. No gore or real violence aside from slapstick. Comedy wise, the film is very tongue in cheek yet entertaining and clever. It’s perfect for kids, only some slight sexually suggestive situations and costumes, but nothing to cause major psych damage to youngsters. Even though the movie is about monsters it’s not just a Halloween movie. As a young monster movie lover it was a staple in my movie watching library year round.


What’s so Good About it?

  • The movie is peppered with geek actor favorites before they were big.
  • Michael Richards plays a very clumsy butler to Dr. Malavaqua, Joseph Bologna, in the physical slapstick role that put him on the map.
  • Donald Gibb, best known for his role as the nerd bashing ‘Ogre’ in Revenge of the Nerds, plays the Wolfman. Gibb’s hard to recognize because he’s covered in hair, but once you hear him talk, you can tell it’s him. “Jeez ma’, you stink.”
  • Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum were married in the 80’s and starred in a few movies together. The best known is “The Fly”.
  • The actual moral of the story is a good one. Watch until the very end!