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Ms. Marvel #7 Review!


The road to Civil War 2 has begun! This particular road starts at a national science fair for Kamala, where she runs into Miles Morales. The problem being that Kamala knows Miles’ secret identity, but he doesn’t know hers. They are also competing for the same scholarships. Chaos breaks out after one of their projects malfunctions and explodes, Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man must jump into action to evacuate the other students. Miles and Kamala get to meet formally for the first time out of costume, and the question becomes if Kamala is going to reveal her identity to Miles, or not? Overall, not much in the way of plot development going on in this issue, but it’s fun filler none the less. It was nice to see Nova make a quick cameo, helping during the evac and questioning how Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man go there so fast. Overall, we had the fun hilarity we have come to expect of the Ms. Marvel series, accompanied by the more serious issues such as multiple science students competing for limited scholarships so they can go to college. I look forward to more development in the relationship between Kamala and Miles, as well as their alter-egos. Five out of four stars. Don’t forget to pick up Ms. Marvel #8 Civil War 2 tie-in on June 8th!