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MTV Movie Awards – Fantastic Beasts!

Jondee here at New York,


Melissa McCarthy was carried and part crowd surfed to the stage to get her Comedic Genius award. She knocked down the popcorn award. Dwayne Johnson had the lightning bolt to show his Black Adam colors. McCarthy thanked many of the female comedians before her and also noted, “Who knew Bruce Springsteen would be even cooler?” After Ryan Reynolds and Ed Skrein picked up the Best Fight award for Deadpool, the stage was set for the New York of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Men in suits carried briefcases and marched on stage with a subway car. They opened the briefcases which let up with magic. One briefcase spat out smoke to which Eddie Redmayne ascended to the stage! He introduced the world premiere of the film.


The Warner Brothers logo appeared in blue fire. There appears to be a new theme, light notes on a piano, like a music box. It pans down to Newt Scamander sitting on a bench with his briefcase. Small fingers pry from the suitcase. The voice notes he is “an interesting man” and that he was kicked out of Hogwarts. The man continues that Albus Dumbledore spoke up for him. Newt is being checked by customs and slips a Muggle Worthy tab on his suitcase. The official opens the briefcase to see shirts, typical luggage, and gives him his passport. A series of images of different characters. The Harry Potter theme is woven in. Newt tosses up a phoenix that flies around. He apparates on a rooftop. Dan Fogler’s character (Jacob Kowalski) is sitting in bed when Newt hears something and goes for his suitcase. He opens it and steps in as Jacob watches. Newt whistles for Jacob.  The night ended with The Force Awakens taking Best Film.  Daisy Ridley and J.J. Abrams went up to accept surrounded by a sea of lightsabers.