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MTV Movie Awards – Captain America: Civil War!

Jondee here at Warner Brothers Studios,


The 2016 MTV Movie Awards took place at Warner Brothers Studios. It was hosted by Kevin Hart as Mad Max and Dwayne Johnson in Fury Road outfit. The stage was circular surrounded by War Boys from Mad Max and fans. The first award was Best Female Performance, Charlize Theron was the winner. Kevin Hart came out as Batman with Dwayne Johnson as Superman. They call out the Marvel heroes. Johnson adds, “Black Adam is coming” before Key and Peele took to the stage. Peele was petting the invisible Keanu and they introduced Best Virtual Performance, The winner was Amy Poehler who came up complete with Mickey t-shirt. She noted that it was the 9th anniversary of the first time Parks and Recreation aired, which got a cheer from Chris Pratt.


Chris Evans was the next presenter in casual clothes. He showed the premiere footage of Captain America: Civil War. Cap is hurling to the ground and smashes a car window as bullets rain on his shield. He kicks a truck that knocks into a soldier and then throws his shield which bashes another soldier. Then, Cap leap kicks a soldier into a building! He calls in the threat to Falcon who is flying in. He does the spinning kick seen in the trailer. Then, Scarlet Witch flies in! She uses her powers to block gunfire and then on to crush a soldier who screams to be put down by Falcon. Redwing scans the building and Falcon reports that Rumlow (Crossbones played by Frank Grillo) is on the third floor. Scarlet Witch uses her powers to hurl Cap into the window. He takes the gas mask off of a soldier and