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Once, “Sisters”, Review!

Jondee here at the Dark Palace,


Hades is driving Zelena for a night drink by campfire and he shows her the Storybrooke Underworld. He wants a family with Zelena. He proposes to her, “What do you say Zelena? Will you make chaos with me?” Zelena returns to see her sister. Regina shows the mirror with the image of Zelena and Hades. Zelena believes she can help Hades. Flashback, lil’ Regina (Ava Acres) dancing with her doll. Her mother, Cora, doesn’t play with her and reminds Regina about being a miller’s daughter. Lil’ Regina sees a key and opens a case with a wand. She tries to cast a spell on the doll, but she is knocked back by a wave. Cora runs in with Henry, the valet, Regina’s father. Present, Regina explains what is happening with the others. Regina tells them that she needs to bring in her mother. Mr. Gold, Rumple checks on Belle under the sleeping curse. Flashback, Cora as the miller’s daughter toiling away. She finds a hook in some wheat and frees herself and knocks down her captors. She sees Hook who takes her away. Land of Oz, Cora checks on young Zelena (Isabella Blake-Thomas) who uses her magic to stack wood instead of carrying them herself. Her father comes to punish her, but he is frozen by a purple spell, it’s Cora. She takes Zelena away. On the Underworld streets, James drives up to his twin brother, David, in a police car. James says, “You stole my glory.” He pulls back his jacket showing his taser and knocks out his brother. Emma checks on a photo when James (as David) enters. He says the photo is of Earth Day and Emma corrects him that it was the anniversary.

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Regina walks in with her mother. She tells her that Hades can leave if his heart is restarted by True Love’s Kiss, Zelena. Cora wants her to forget Hades forever. Cora brings in young Zelena for the sleeping Regina. She uses her magic over Regina and she wakens! The two sisters meet! Underworld, Cora tells Regina about the river water that can make Zelena forget. Cora explains that there was a river just like it next to their castle. Emma and “David” are walking when they run into Robin with the baby. James takes out his gun. Cruella drives up and socks Emma. Robin looses an arrow into James’ chest, no effect on a dead man. Cora sees her daughter and they meet. Flashback, Zelena dresses up along with her sister and they play spells. Zelena opens the box, Regina realizes that they are related, Cora steps to the side. Regina waits outside as her sister and mother talk. Cora admits that she abandoned Zelena, she’s her unfinished business, they hug. Regina peeks in. She drops the potion in a glass of water which Cora takes to Zelena. She realizes that it is a set up. Regina comes out. The two girls in flashback bring the wand box to Cora. She admits they are sisters. Guards take away Zelena. Cora gives her the potion. Zelena breaks out the green flame, Regina brings out her flame, but they are stopped by Cora. She explains what was forgotten. They see what happened and all emerge crying. The docks, James and Cruella have Emma and Robin by the river. They fight with Hook bringing in David who says he can break out of his own jail. They fight and David calls off Emma using her powers, James takes out a knife and David throws him into the river! The pit, the Mills are there, Cora says goodbye to Regina, hugs Zelena, and then walks into the fire which reveals the light. Regina sends Zelena to Hades as the light fades. At the diner, Hades prepares a dinner, Zelena sees him dancing. Rumple talks to her and then Peter Pan joins them! He throws a cloth over her. Four Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!