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Once Upon a Time, “A Bitter Draught”, Review!

Jondee here at the Dirigible,


Misty forest, the Evil Queen is walking with Zelena to the vault, it opens and the queen starts collecting things. She says it took all of her magic to take on the Dragon. The Evil Queen purple clouds away. Henry is walking with Regina and hands her the book. At the diner, David is organizing the refugees from the Land of Untold Stories. Musketeers, cowboys, and steampunk citizens. Regina enters and welcomes them as mayor. Belle walks in and talks to Emma and Hook to find a place to stay. Entering the diner is mysterious man (Craig Horner, he was the lead in the Legend of the Seeker series). Flashback, the Count of Monte Cristo (Horner) from Alexandre Dumas, is introduced in court. He talks to his rival, the baron (Andrew Kavadas), runs his sword through him. He gets a round of applause, the Evil Queen in new dress, offers him a list of names. The card of vengeance has the names of Snow White and Prince Charming. Regina explains to them that he wants revenge, she hired him! Emma is with her counselor, Archie Hopper (Jiminy Cricket), she tells him about the duel. She walks out. David, Mary Margaret, and Regina check the Count’s room. Flashback, horse riders, Snow White, Prince Charming, and Grumpy reach a coughing man, Edmund (the Count), the prince calls in Charlotte (Andrea Brooks). The count has fallen for her. Prince Charming offers him a job as wine steward. At the dirigible, Regina faces the Count. She stops his sword, but he has disappeared. Emma drives Mary Margaret and David away. The police car strikes a barrier!  A ship at the harbor, Hook has taken Belle there to stay, he feels bad about hurting her. Emma has found that the barrier is a protection spell. Regina knows that it was made from things from her vault. Zelena walks up, Regina is suspicious, she green clouds.


A duel with the Evil Queen and a guard whom she kills. The count says he has meet with the prince and Snow. She gives him venom from an Agraban viper (as in Aladdin?). He leaves and Rumple appears, she knows his spell is protecting Snow and Charming from her. She put a protection spell on the count against Rumple. Mr. Gold arrives at his store and the Evil Queen is there. She has taken a piece of tin from him, he will give it back on the promise that she won’t hurt Belle or his child. The count drops in the poison and Charming and Snow celebrate the departure of Charlotte. He stops them from drinking. Storybrooke, Henry and Regina walk past the fallen dirigible. They find a poisoned Charlotte and the Evil Queen. Regina has gotten the magic dampening spell from touching Charlotte. The Evil Queen has the Count’s heart. David and Mary Margaret reach the docks and see Edmund with his sword. The two spin away from his attack and then take him on together. He severs a rope that drops a box on the heroes. Rumple meets with Edmund, he has poisoned Charlotte, and offers him a key to the Land of Untold Stories. Storybrooke, the Count brings down the death blow, but it is blocked by Regina. He is about to kill David and Mary Margaret, but Regina throws her sword to kill the count! The Evil Queen is there, her plan was to bring out “the tiny bit of darkness” in Regina. At the diner, Regina is shaken by the encounter, Emma and Mary Margaret are there. Henry is worried that he didn’t realize that sequels to the story isn’t simple. He tells this to David and Hook. David finds the envelope with the tin piece and outside sees the Evil Queen. It was a good luck charm from his father. The Evil Queen asks if his father’s death was an accident! Zelena’s child is crying, then suddenly silent, the Evil Queen has her and thanks her for not telling about her involvement with the spell. Archie’s office, Emma rushes in, she suspects Regina is the hooded figure that kills her. Four Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!