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Once Upon a Time, “An Untold Story”, Review!

Jondee here at the Land of the Untold Stories,

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The mansion, the Groundsman revives and sees a note from Hyde. Hook is trying to open the lock with his hook. Jekyll has the key and takes them to the land which is a refuge, the Land of Untold Stories. NY, Henry rushes with Violet, he sees a hotel with a purple storm above it. A waiter approaches Gold’s room who only wants the silver tray. The storm gets the attention of Emma and Regina. She finds that Mary Margaret and David are gone into the portal. Regina tells Gold that she wants to be the Evil Queen again. Jekyll takes them to a lab where he shows them a potion that can separate good from evil. The Orderly walks in and forces the Groundman to drink the potion. Emma sneaks into Gold’s room and finds the Olympian Crystal. Gold purple clouds it to his hand. Gold brings a fireball and Henry comes in with the grail. Emma asks and he says, “I destroyed all magic.” Hyde has a syringe with the potion and injects himself. Jekyll separates from him. Hyde tries to strangle Jekyll, Hook takes him on, Zelena zaps the Orderly. Gold explains that Belle, Mary Margaret, and David are all trapped. Gold knows someone who still has magic. Henry is at a fountain when Emma talks with him. She tells him they are looking for the magic man. Regina walks with Gold and he sees an old Asian man, the Dragon (Tzi Ma) who knows Rumple. He will help them because of Regina. The Dragon is preparing a lotus flower and starts casting a spell. It shows the Land of Untold Stories. He tries to open a portal, but fails. The Dragon says that there is magic everywhere. Emma remembers, “You have to believe.”

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Henry takes them back to the fountain with the coin. Henry makes his wish and gives everyone coins. The Olympian Crystal flares in Regina’s hand. Henry runs off to get more. Jekyll takes them to a market and they run into Hyde. Henry makes a speech to the people of New York, he must have seen Enchanted (2007), to have them make a wish for them. David notices coins falling down on them. A column forms from the fountain. Mary Margaret sees the swirl of water, they leap in, and they’re returned to New York! The New Yorkers cheer. Emma is proud of her boy. Hyde rages tearing up the lab and Gold is there. Gold puts him a magic choke hold. Jekyll wants a new life in Storybrooke. Mary Margaret brings a drink for Regina. Mary Margaret thinks about the potion. Jekyll brought the syringe with Emma there. The Evil Queen breaks free. Love it. Emma forms chains on the Evil Queen. Regina pulls out her heart and crushes it. Storybrooke, Emma drives up to the house. Violet explains that her father isn’t from Camelot, he’s from Connecticut, and a yankee. Henry kisses her. Hook is reunited with Emma. They kiss. Henry talks to his mother, Regina, and she tries to destroy the crystal. Hyde appears with some friends. NY Chinatown, a mist enters the Dragon’s shop, and forms into the Evil Queen. She takes the Dragon’s heart and says, “The queen is back!” The Camelot start was hit and miss, but from mid-season, it has been the best season. Five Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!