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Once Upon a Time, “Changelings”, Review!

Jondee here at Mr. Gold’s Shop,


A woman runs into Gold, he clouds her into ropes, and the Evil Queen wants to know his interest in fairies. Gold wants the queen to take care of her sister. He pours a powder over the fairly that turns her into an old woman. The Mother Superior sees her fairy, Belle thinks that the Golden Shears will be used to cut the fate of their child. Flashback, Belle in her blue dress gets a baby from Rumple. Current, Belle looks through books in a library and finds a book to fight Dark Ones. A strand leads somewhere out of the book, she takes it, into a dark cave to the Golden Shears which disappears. She sees her son in the dream world, the strand is his fate. She wakens. Mary Margaret is impressed with her students’ grades, Jasmine mentions Aladdin, possibly finding Agrabah through the Genie Lamp. Belle talks to Emma and Hook showing them the book. Hook knows it’s squid ink. Flashback, Belle tells stories to the baby, she has the Her Handsome Hero book. She heads off with the baby. Zelena has her child when the Evil Queen visits her. Zelena puts her baby to rest, they are purple clouded outside, the Evil Queen blasts her sister into the barn. She feels pain in her heart by Regina who has her heart. Zelena says it was Rumple. Regina says her double has a hole in her heart who purple clouds away. Gold’s shop, Hook walks in to face Gold, he puts a Darth Vader grip on him, when Gold is frozen by Emma. She gets flashes of something and collapses, the vision, a sword hilt with a ruby. Gold is freed and walks out. He sees Belle at the library, he says he is more powerful than squid ink, he holds up a flask. Flashback, Belle sneaks with the baby, and sees an incantation for a Black Fairy. Rumple takes it, clouds the baby away, and locks her in. Belle tries to get in the elevator, but Gold stops it. She says he will lose her forever before he walks off.


Regina heals her sister and Zelena tries to apologize. She was there for a potion to reverse Gold’s spell. Regina still hasn’t forgiven Zelena for Robin’s death. Jasmine has the lamp, Aladdin, Mary Margaret and Henry are there. She rubs the lamp which has a yellow cloud, but only bracelets come out. Aladdin puts on the bracelets and enters the lamp! Gold puts away the potion, the Evil Queen is angry, and she taunts him with his loneliness. Flashback, Belle tries to break open the door, a magical blue light, the Blue Fairy who opens the door. Belle talks to Emma and Hook, Granny gives her a cuppa chamomile, Belle drops the cup and feels the baby growing! Flashback, Rumple summons the Black Fairy (Jaime Murray), Belle is there. Rumple uses squid ink to hold the Black Fairy. He calls her mother! She abandons him again and clouds away. He clouds away from Belle. Gold walks to Mother Superior’s house, but is blocked by the shield. Emma helps Belle with the baby. The dream world, Belle sees her son on a misty swing, she has to kill Rumple. He reminds her about the book. Belle in labor pains, it’s silent with Emma’s encouragement. Mother Superior congratulates Belle who wants her to be fairy godmother. Belle gives her the Her Handsome Hero book and kisses him one last time before Blue takes her away. Gold enters, Belle looks at him in the bed, he is stunned to see Blue fly away. He wants to know his son’s name, but she won’t tell him. Burn! Flashback, night, Belle takes the baby to a village couple. Gold enters his shop, mocked by the queen, who made the tea. He says he plays a long game and then smashes up his shop. Emma goes with Hook to the shop and sees the ruby sword. If they can find who owns the sword, she could be saved, Four Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!