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Once Upon a Time, “Dark Waters”, Review!

Jondee here at the Nautilius,


A ship in the misty seas, The Time of the Dark Curse, it’s Captain Hook on the Jolly Roger. He is defied by a stowaway (Faran Tahir), calling himself no one, Hook is about to kill him when a sea monster is spotted underneath. The stowaway throws Hook into the water. Hook reflects back on that time. Regina walks to see the Evil Queen as Zelena joins them. Regina tells her about the failure of Cricket, freed by David and Mary Margaret. The baby starts crying and Zelena goes back for her child. The Evil Queen readies a fireball it is blocked by Regina and she purple clouds them away. Aladdin and Jasmine talk at Granny’s, he doesn’t want to save Agrabah. Hook talks with Emma who says he has a green hook. He talks with Henry who throws out the trash, met by the Evil Queen who tries to tempt him. The queen opens a door and drops a case which Henry opens to see the Golden Shears. Aladdin opens a car door and tries to steal a wallet until caught by Emma. Hook goes to see Henry and instead sees the open door. Hook is wakened by a harpoon, he is welcomed by the First Mate (Nick Overman), and defeats the guards to open a port hole to see out to the sea. He is greeted by the stowaway who introduces himself as Nemo. The Nautilius’ captain’s heart was enchanted to find wayward souls. Hook is told that family is missing from his life. Hook explains he kept the shears to protect Henry’s mother. Out of the bay explodes the Nautilius! This is of course the submarine that we first saw in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea (1954) and based on Jules Verne’s novel. Once can use the Disney version. They are surrounded by Nautilius crewmen! They are taken into the submarine.


Paramedics bring in a patient, a victim from the Land of Untold Stories, to the hospital found by David. Mary Margaret sees Belle who is there for her ultrasound. Henry is angry at Hook who also doesn’t know what is a wookie! Flashback, the crew of the Nautilius reach a cave in diving suits led by Nemo. The First Mate tells how difficult his life was until Nemo. Hook finds that they were looking for a chest. His leg is caught by a tentacle, a kraken! On the steps, it’s like the Watcher in the Water! He is freed by the First Mate and Nemo. Zelena’s house where the Evil Queen meets with Mr. Gold, he tells her about their lessons, but he wants to know what she did with the shears. The queen knows that Rumple wants to use them on Belle. Emma drives her VW beetle with Aladdin out to the woods. She shows him the sign hit by herself when she heard she was the Savior. Emma convinces him to go back. Inside the submarine, Hook admits to Henry that he killed his father. Flashback, Nemo opens a chest, and says the key will open the way to the Mysterious Island! A place of starting over and Nemo offers Hook a chance to join the crew. He sees the knife and knows that the First Mate is Liam, his brother! Henry has the shears and puts on a diving suit leaving Hook behind. Then, he sees his brother! Henry has the shears and puts on a diving suit leaving Hook behind. Then, he sees his brother! Flashback, Hook puts on his diving suit with Nemo and then sees Liam who has a knife. He tries to stab his brother, but Nemo puts himself in the way. Hook jumps off the ship. Now, Liam is still angry and mentions Hyde, he is stopped by Henry, and is knocked out by Hook. He promises not to use the shears on Emma and drops them into the ocean. Aladdin meets up with Jasmine who explains that she went to make an alliance and found that Agrabah is gone! Mary Margaret is at the hospital and explains to Belle that Dr. Whale says the patient will survive. Belle doesn’t know if she wants to give the ultrasound to Rumple. Liam wakens, Hook is there, who didn’t want Henry to be a boy with hate. Nemo is rolled in and they grasp hands. Henry leaves and Emma wants to know why and he tells the truth. Mr. Gold’s shop, it’s the Evil Queen, she kisses him, yeek! Belle walks to the door and drops the ultrasound. The queen wants his help. She has the Golden Shears! She wants Snow White’s heart! Four Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!