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Once Upon a Time, “Devil’s Due”, Review!

Jondee here at the River of Lost Souls,


The new episode is written by Jane Espenson who wrote the “Nimue” and “Siege Perlious” episodes this season and also Torchwood, Battlestar Galactica, and Firefly (really any series worthy of fans). Hades is making a deal with a very bloody Hook. He wants three friends to be carved in the table. Hook throws the dagger refusing. Hades grabs the wounded Hook and warns him about the River of Lost Souls. Gold enters the shop to see a letter from his father and sees pipes. He pours a solution with an eyeball and drops it and a wand into a cauldron. Gold brings a crystal ball that resolves to Belle eating at the diner. Gold drops the crystal ball and it shatters. Regina shows the arrows to Robin and the others. Gold enters and is worried about Hades. He has a plan to use a dead person’s aura to hide them. Flashback, young Rumple and Milah (Rachel Shelley). Their boy, Baelfire (Dean Petriw), sees a snake in the forest. They hear their boy cry out in pain and sees the snake. Milah kills the snake. In the Underworld, he sees Milah as a crossing guard watching over children. He offers her a way to save Killian Jones, Hook, from Hades.


Hook is chained and held above the river. Hades is frustrated over the hope brought into his realm. Hades hair ignites in blue fire and he promises to hurt his friends. The Underworld, Gold shows Emma to Milah and explains to Emma that Milah is the former lover of Hook and her son, Baelfire or Neal Cassidy. Regina goes to the diner and runs into Cruella de Vil. She wants to know about the Graveyard. Gold takes Milah and Emma to the underground passage of a house. Flashback at the forest, Milah and Rumple show facetatoo’d Fendrake the Healer (Aaron Douglas) the snake. He will use magic to save their boy. They can’t afford the payment so Milah wants them to take it. Emma tells Milah about seeing the spirit of Neal who told her he moved on. Milah points out the River of Lost Souls and calls Rumple an idiot. Love it! The diner, Cruella revels in her fur which she says is Bambi’s mother, jerk!, she gives a map to Regina. Cruella explains that a headstone tipped over is . On the boat down the River of Lost Souls, they reach the Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter Here sign, and Gold stays behind with Milah watching over him. Flashback, Milah wants Rumple to stab Fendrake with a knife. She kisses him, but he is still reluctant and does take the knife.


A drunken man stumbles over Milah and he is knocked out by Captain Killian Jones, dashing. He shows the charm, but it’s not the same Hook, and hitting on a mother and wife is not cool. Jones leaves her at the tavern. Hook is still being lowered into the river when Emma shouts at him, he doesn’t respond. Emma makes her way over a rusty bar to reach him. She catches Hook just in time and pulls him off the hook (ha!), but he is still chained. She hugs Hook. The boat with Gold and Milah, she notes his marriage, and she says her unfinished business is Baelfire. She wants to see him. Gold says that he betrayed their son too. Flashback, Fendrake’s house, Rumple enters and tries to get the potion. Fendrake wakens and threatens to kill him with a spell. Rumple has the knife, but can’t kill him. Fendrake gives him the potion and tells him “There will be a terrible price to pay.” A the landing, Milah looks at the ghostly souls in the river. Hades appears and freezes Milah. He offers a deal. At the Graveyard, is Mary Margaret and Regina, they reach the headstone of Daniel Colter, it is flat, he moved on. Regina confides he was her first love.


Gold is given a drink at Hades’ table as he shoots pool. Hades is impressed at Gold sending him souls. He wants Gold to destroy the boat so he can keep the heroes there and send Gold back to Mrs. Dark One. Baelfire is asleep when Rumple brings Milah the potion. He explains that he didn’t kill Fendrake or steal it. He signed away his second born child. Milah is shocked at what he did. Bae wakes up and Milah walks away. She sees Gold appear again and he destroys the boat. He says he finally became the man she wanted to be and he blasts her into the river. Emma and Hook run up, Hook is suspicious at Gold’s explanation about Hades. The Underworld, Regina and Mary Margaret hear horse cry out. Regina uses her magic and it picks itself up and races off. Mary Margaret is impressed at her magic. They race in to find Hook and Emma. Hook tells Gold, “We’re even…for now.” Regina wants to look for a Heartsplit to get them out. She is deflected from reaching into Emma. At the Graveyard, Regina, Snow White, and Emma’s gravestones were selected by Hades. Gold walks away. Fendrake hears a knock, it’s Rumplestilskin, he recognizes the Dark One. Rumple pulls out Fendrake’s heart and crushes it. Hades, Gold walks in, and wants to return home. Hades changes the terms, he will send him back later, and shows the crystal ball showing the image of Belle. Hades knows that Gold was looking for his son. He reveals that Belle is pregnant and brings back Fendrake. Hades now has the contract turned over to him. Hades wants Gold to work for him! His hair ignites again. Three Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!