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Once Upon a Time, “Firebird”, Review!

Jondee here at the elevator to the Underworld,

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Emma talks with Regina along with Hook, Henry, and David about sending Zelena to Hades. Hades walks in to ask for their help. He shows them a note showing that Zelena was taken by Rumple. He wants to offer a deal with Emma to take off the names from the headstones. Storybrooke, 2009, Emma in glasses, shows an article about a missing child. She is joined by a woman, Cleo Fox (Rya Kihlstedt), who tells about her past, Emma runs, but her car has a car wheel lock. Rumple faces Hades with Peter Pan. He rips up the contract. Peter Pan reaches for her heart, but is blasted by Emma. Rumple purple clouds away leaving Peter who also escapes. Zelena is freed by Hades and they kiss. A blast is sent out, Hades’ heart is beating!, he is free from banishment. He tells them that a portal is open back to the world. The Underworld clock spins while our heroes (and Hades) are at the graveyard. He wipes out the names from the headstones. Regina takes out Emma’s heart. She places one half into Hook while the other is with her. It doesn’t work, Hook is trapped! 2009, Emma is handcuffed to a bed, but of course frees herself, she takes some money and a photo of her girl, Tasha. Emma looks at Cleo’s computer and she pops out of the shower to check on her. Emma wants to know her past.  Hades shows them the picture of Orpheus and used ambrosia to help Eurydice to escape. He shows an elevator down. Hades takes out her heart and places it in a bag. Emma and Hook head down in the elevator while the others go to escape.

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Rumple returns to his Underworld shop to see the sleeping Belle. Peter is there, he shows him Pandora’s Box, which can keep Belle safe. Henry is worried, he hopes for Operation Firebird to free people, Robin enters with the baby. Regina wants him to give the baby to Zelena. The sisters hug and Zelena leaves. Robin is met by Rumple who takes his heart! 2009, at the courtroom, Emma and Cleo are waiting for a file. Cleo advises her to have “armor” like her jacket to protect herself. Henry is showing the Underworlders their “unfinished business.” Cruella makes her way through the crowd. She hopes to take over the Underworld. The Blind Witch joins her and sends them back into the library and Regina’s fire is deflected.  Emma and Hook see a scale, he reads “Only a heart filled with True Love can pass”, she places her heart on a scale. Emma collapses, Hook tries to get her heart, but is set on fire, she leaps for Hook and the door opens, love it! 2009, Emma gets out of bed, to break into the files, she hears a noise and sees Cleo. Police sirens. Cleo breaks the window and they leap out. Emma and Hook reach a dead tree stump. Regina and Robin realize that the Blind Witch was using Hades’ spell. At the portal, Hades and Zelena enter the portal. Rumple enters and looks at the heart with his father, Peter, there. The Underworld is collapsing so Hook and Emma escape. 2009, Cleo falls, wounded by a piece of glass, she gave up her little girl! Hook decides to stay in the Underworld! Emma says, “I don’t know how to say goodbye!” A tearful goodbye as they part ways! Boston, 2010, Emma is tracking a shop girl, Tasha Morris (Max Chadburn), the daughter of Cleo. She buys her red leather jacket! Emma opens the elevator and gets the update. Emma and Regina combine their powers to batter open the door. Rumple has the heart and places it in Peter, he used a wineskin filled with the River of Souls! His father is vaporized! Rumple uses Pandora’s Box to take in Belle and enters the portal. The others race into the portal, but Emma hesitates, and they enter the portal. Five Daggers of the Dark One out of Five! Three episodes left!