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Once Upon a Time, “Her Handsome Hero”, Review!

Jondee here at the Storybrooke Pet Shelter,

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Young Belle walks up to her father, Maurice (Eric Keenleyside) in the stable. He says, “Don’t judge someone until you know the whole story.” He worries about an upcoming war and wants her to meet a suitor, Gaston (Wes Brown), not the swaggering buffoon of the cartoon, just a soldier in red jacket. He apologizes for being forthcoming and Belle agrees to a walk. The Underworld, Rumple looks at the Pan flute when Belle walks in and doesn’t want to separate from Rumple as long as he doesn’t use Dark Magic. In an afternoon haze, Hook, Emma, and Mary Margaret are in front of their tombstones when Hook has them take shelter from the upcoming storm. They encounter some monster that knocks down Mary Margaret. Regina and Emma combine their powers to open the door, but no elevator. Emma says she knows a spell from a dream. Regina goes to talk to her sister. Zelena walks the Underworld stalked by Hades. He sees a flower growing in the broken pavement. Gaston is preparing dog food at the Storybrooke Pet Shelter. Hades walks in and promises him revenge against Rumple. Hades summons bow and arrow to make Gaston a hunter.
The forest, the walk with Gaston and Belle, he explains “I bet you think I’m the same Gaston as all the stories you heard about.” It’s La Fou has told “tall tales” about him. He nocks his arrow and smiles as he runs after a “wild creature” which turns out to be a trapped ogre. Belle sees that the ogre is a child. After an argument about Dark Magic, Belle walks out when Rumple says there is no way darkness can turn to light. An arrow hits the shop, Gaston has his bow and Rumple catches his arrow. He looses another arrow and Rumple purple clouds himself and Belle away to the docks.

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At the Underworld diner, Regina explains to Regina that Hades fell in love with her. Belle is searching with Rumple at the pet shelter and find in Gaston’s locker, a book, “Her Handsome Hero” and realizes that she’s his unfinished business. Flashback, Belle finds in a book a picture of the “Mirror of Souls” that shows evil. Hades appears at the pet shelter to talk to Belle. He tries to make a deal to have Belle keep her baby. Hades wants Rumple to face Gaston and either one thrown into the River of Souls. Belle appears with the book. Gaston tried to throw it away, but book kept reappearing. He learned from the book to turn hateful. “Good old Belle, you always had a soft spot for a monster.” The riders in the forest with torches pursing the ogre. Gaston dismounts and draws his bow. He looses an arrow that hits the ogre. Belle stops him from loosing the killing shot, it breaks the mirror, she can see the mirror Gaston’s red eyes. The ogre nods his head to Belle and runs away. The Underworld docks, Gaston is held by Rumple’s spell. Belle runs in and kisses Rumple. She holds the Dagger of the Dark One and commands him to let Gaston go. Yes! Gaston draws his bow and Belle knocks him into the River. So Rumple can catch Gaston’s arrows, but Belle knocks him into the river? Belle hugs Rumple when Hades appears and nixes the deal since Belle threw Gaston and not Rumple. Hades sees a flower wilt and blue fires away. At the diner, Zelena gets the wilted flower and smiles. Emma sends out a blast as they are tracking the monster in the forest. A wolf is there and Mary Margaret throws a red hood over the wolf turning into Red Riding Hood (Meghan Ory) and she doesn’t wake up. I usually don’t like the Belle and Rumple episodes, but this one explained Gaston well, Five Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!