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Once Upon a Time, “I’ll Be Your Mirror”, Review!

Jondee here at the World Behind the Mirror,


This episode was directed by Jennifer Lynch, daughter of David Lynch and director of The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, and Boxing Helena (1993). The title is from The Velvet Underground song. The Evil Queen has Snow White and Charming under a Sleeping Charm. David is under the curse comforted by Mary Margaret. Regina has regrets, but she’s stopped by Emma. Mary Margaret gives a note to Henry when she falls asleep, then throws an object at a mirror fearing that the Evil Queen is watching them. David gets his chores ready, he kisses his wife, and falls in the curse. Mary Margaret, then David checks on the baby. He has flowers for her. Emma has tried to contact The Dragon. Regina has a mirror to trap the queen. Henry offers himself as bait. He is worried about the school dance because Violet has stood him up for John Hughes movie night. At the seashore, Henry meets with the Evil Queen, he is clouded away and she faces Regina and Emma. She holds up a mirror and finds that the Evil Queen switched it trapping them both! Emma wakes up in the World Behind the Mirror, a wasteland of blue mirrors to which she can see Storybrooke, Regina thinks that Henry will help them escape. The Evil Queen turns into Regina to see Henry and Hook. She tells Hook that Emma left to find the Dragon. Evil Regina gets a tie for Henry to wear at the dance. Belle tries to get into Mr. Gold’s shop. She goes to see Zelena, who needs the Sorcerer’s Wand, so Belle tries to get help from Aladdin to steal the wand. Evil Regina sees Rumple, she wants the Hammer of Thestis, magic for the non-magical, for Henry. He gives her the hammer.


Hook leaves a message for Emma, he’s on the beach, and sees a mirror shard and then Emma’s phone. Evil Regina is there and spell slams him. Henry is dressed up waiting at Granny’s. He goes to check himself at a mirror, his mother thinks he’s grown up, he hears Evil Regina. She says he is a prince and will be a king. Violet (Olivia Steele Falconer from Camelot last season) is waiting. Henry tells her he knows the identity of Evil Regina. Violet tells him that she wants to see a dress at a window. At the World Behind the Mirror, they meet the Dragon (Tzi Ma, I just saw him in The Arrival) who was banished there by the Evil Queen. He says he lost a daughter, Mulan?, he has found a back door. Aladdin has broken into Mr. Gold’s shop. He sees Gold at his spinning wheel. Aladdin has set off a jokey toy with cymbals. He opens a compartment with the wand. The Dragon leads them to a room, Sydney has made it, they have to reconstruct a mirror. Regina forms a piece into the shattered mirror. Henry checks a mirror, but the Evil Queen has found him, he says, “Nice try, but you can’t Darth Vader me.” Love it! She shows him a heart. The Dragon says Henry is safe with him. Regina knows it’s the Evil Queen who has the Dragon’s heart. The Dragon is in pain, he turns into an actual Chinese dragon! Henry watches the battle as the Evil Queen controls him. She gives Henry the hammer. Emma and Regina plead for Henry, he shatters the mirror, and takes the heart. They have escaped and Hook grabs the Evil Queen, she purple clouds away. Jasmine congratulates Aladdin on the Storybrooke streets. He shows her a magic lamp with no genie. Belle gives Zelena the wand. Rumple is there and his heart is in pain, Zelena has him, but he clouds away. Mary Margaret again kisses David and doesn’t leave him a note. Violet has a flower and goes to Granny’s, Henry is there, she has had a hard time adjusting to school. They dance and Regina and Emma watch them. Rumple looks at the prenatal photo when the Evil Queen walks in, they kiss, and he tells her to kill Zelena. Four Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!