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Once Upon a Time, “Last Rites”, Review!

Jondee back here in Storybrooke,


Back in the present, Hades has entered our world and meets with Zelena and the baby at the Storybrooke dam. Zelena gives him her baby. King Arthur runs out handcuffed! Hades takes down Arthur. Mary Margaret is there talking to Merida in her Brave outfit. David arrives and kisses her, then Henry and Emma who has lost Hook! Regina is talking with Robin when Zelena walks up to them. Her sister explains that Hades tricked them. She green clouds away. Arthur enters the diner with the Blind Witch, it’s the Underworld. Arthur tells Hook it was Hades. Storybrooke, Merida, Emma and David find the body of Arthur. David stops Emma from going straight after Hades. Zelana has her baby talking with Hades who pretends to turn himself in. He has a weapon, the Olympian Crystal, that belonged to Zeus. Regina tells them to use the secret tunnel under City Hall. Robin is still upset at Regina. Rumple meets with Belle’s father who won’t revive her with True Love’s Kiss. Rumple slams down his cane, when he is stopped by Emma, who won’t tell her how to stop Hades. Hook and Arthur are at Hades’ circle. He is desperate to save Emma! Arthur finds a secret button on Hades’ throne which releases pages. The answers to destroy a god! Arthur and Hook talk with Cruella who threw the book to make hauntings in the River of Lost Souls. Emma bursts in to see the others. Hades is busy uniting the two pieces of the Olympian Crystal to rule with Zelena. A phone call, Rumple greets Hades to make a deal. He wants a piece of the Olympian Crystal.


Regina and Robin have reached the Town Hall. He agrees Zelena needs another chance. They kiss and go to save Robin’s daughter. Arthur and Hook are on a boat of the River of Lost Souls. They reach the “Abandon Hope” sign, the gargoyle has the book, a lost soul tries to drag down Arthur. He tells Hook to keep going for the book, but he takes a torch and drives it away. Hook barely catches the book from falling into the river. Hook explains that the Olympian Crystal can kill Hades. Emma opens the Once Upon a Time book and sees the picture of Hook and herself in Camelot. The book opens and flips pages to the Olympian Crystal. It is united by Hades. Robin and Regina are in the next room. Emma is trying to break Zelena’s protection spell. Zelena knocks down Emma and sees the pages. Robin gets his baby, but Hades points the Olympian Crystal at them. Robin steps in front of the blast! He collapses and the ghost form of Robin fades. Zelena walks in and Regina knocks the crystal out of his hand. Regina says, “That’s what true love is, sacrifice.”  Zelena has the crystal and stabs Hades! He dissolves into dust. The Underworld, Hook thanks Arthur, he almost has a bit a redemption for all of the evil in Camelot and Storybrooke. A light glows, Arthur is going to stay to “repair the broken kingdom of the Underworld.” Killan steps through the light and is greeted by Zeus (David Hoflin)! The king of the gods is there to escort Hook. Storybrooke, a tearful Emma puts down a flask on Killan’s grave. Arrows are placed on Robin’s casket. Regina places the last one. Zelena names her daughter Robin. A wave drops behind Emma left alone, it’s Hook of course! He tries to explain, but she kisses him. The dust of Hades, Rumple stands over it, and pulls out a piece of the Olympian Crystal. Two more episodes before the end of this season! Five Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!