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Once Upon a Time, “Only You”, Review!

Jondee here at the Big Apple,


Season Five wraps up with a shocking end, Robin sacrificed himself to save Regina! Then, Zelena destroys Hades! Finally, Hook walks into the light only to returned to the living by Zeus! If this isn’t enough, the last two episodes are a two part, two hour movie! Here’s part one. Regina is sitting at a Robin remembrance at Granny’s. Mary Margaret and David stop by, then her sister with her baby. Henry watches them quietly when Violet (Olivia Steele Falconer) from Camelot stops by. Emma and Hook are walking towards Granny’s. She wants him to stay outside while she breaks the news. Gold holds Pandora’s Box which has Belle. He has the Olympian Crystal and brings out its power. Emma walks in. Streaks of power drop down. Hook breaks in. Regina knows it’s Gold. Regina senses a tethering spell that will bring all of the town’s magic. Emma is worried about Regina’s involvement. Henry tries to interrupt them and Regina purple clouds away. Henry is at Mr. Gold’s store and Violet stops by. Henry worries about the consequences of magic. He wants to go on a road trip with Violet and she agrees. Henry takes up a pen and brings the Olympian Crystal to his hand. He is going to destroy all magic! Storybrooke, the group is searching for Gold. Regina is looking for Henry. Gold appears and says that Henry is going to destroy the crystal. Gold disappears and Regina walks off with Emma trying to keep pace. She has a GPS on Henry’s phone, he’s headed to Boston. Merida walks up to Mary Margaret and the others worried about returning home. Zelena makes a portal. Boston, Emma finds the phone. Henry walks out of a bus with Violet. It’s New York City!

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Robin’s son, Roland (Raphael Alejandro) leaves Zelena and gives part of Robin’s arrows for Regina. Zelena tries to seal the portal, but it swallows them up! David, Mary Margaret, Zelena, and Hook and thrown to an unknown land. Regina has a needle and gets some blood from Emma to lead a trail to NY. Gold in a cadillac drives into New York. Henry walks with Violet. He has returned to NY to follow his father’s footsteps. Zelena finds her wand is broken. David goes to see a gardner, the Groundsman (Hank Harris), who fears magic. The others are shocked by the magic of the Orderly, Poole (Arnold Pinnock). David and the others waken behind enchanted bars. Another person enters, the Warden (Sam Witwer). He grabs Hook’s throat. Emma checks Henry’s laptop and Regina finds a book she gave to Robin Hood about his legend. There’s a letter to her from Robin. Regina tells Emma, “There’s no redemption for me, only suffering.” They found Henry at the Midtown Library and Gold overhears this through the door. At the library, Henry and Violet and brought into the reading room. Henry pulls out the Once Upon a Time storybooks! Don Quixote, Paul Bunyan, and the mansion where the others are trapped. David has broken a wooden shard, but the Groundsman appears. He wants to be taken with them and they give him the broken wand to repair. Violet sees something, the Holy Grail, which is in a cabinet. The beginning of all magic. Henry places the Olympian Crystal next to it and puts all of it in his backpack. He opens the door to see Gold who puts them to sleep! Night at the mansion, the Groundsman goes to the lab to fix Zelena’s wand in almost Frankenstein fashion. The Orderly walks in and forces him to drink a potion. He starts to transform into the Hulk or Mr. Hyde, but it’s the Warden, Dr. Jekyll! He is going to bring everyone in the Victorian England world to Storybrooke. Emma and Regina wakens Henry who is angry at both of them. Gold is on the street with the crystal. Regina uses the needle on Henry, she has no magic! Jekyll forms a portal as Gold reaches his hotel room. It draws in Pandora’s Box.  Four Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!