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Once Upon a Time, “Ruby Slippers”, Review!

Jondee here in Oz,


The title is a pun on the musical with Ruby referring to the character. Back at the Underworld, they rest Red in her red blanket and on a bed. Emma shows a scrap of Dorothy’s dress. Oz, “Some time ago…”, Ruby (Meghan Ory) and Mulan (Jamie Chung) are running through a forest. “There’s supposed to be singing” in Oz, but it is quiet except a dog growling. Dorothy has her crossbow at the two and Ruby says she’s “part wolf.” The trio see a green whirlwind. Zelena is looking at a note when Hades pops in. He tells her about a visitor from Oz, in red, and Zelena is worried. She wants to leave and not fight Regina’s friend. He goes blue flame. At Mr. Gold’s store, Belle wants to somehow save Gaston. Ruby doesn’t know what happened to Dorothy. Mary Margaret promises Ruby that they will find Dorothy. David, Henry, and Hook walks up to the haunting booth being destroyed by Mayor Cruella. The phone to make hauntings is torn from the booth. Zelena tries to tap her Silver Slippers. Oz, Dorothy is searching for Toto and they run into Zelena. She has Toto in a basket and goes green cloud. Regina wants to know what happened to Dorothy to help her child. Zelena has a mirror with a sleeping Dorothy. Regina figures she needs “True Love’s Kiss.” It looks like Ruby might fall for Dorothy. This is something out of Alan Moore’s Lost Girls. Zelena wants to trade the Silver Slippers for her baby and just gives them to her sister. Ruby is worried and says the only one who loved her is Aunt Em.

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The trio in Oz are readying a spell. Aunt Em believed in Dorothy’s story about Oz and gave Toto to her. They have something in common, it’s romance. In the Underworld, they find the gravestone of Auntie Em, Emily Brown. Belle meets with Zelena who has thought of a way to save her child. David meets with Hook, he admits, “I guess you’ve grown on me a bit.” LOL. Oz, Dorothy and Ruby reach the Poppy Field. Two Flying Monkeys appear in the night sky. Ruby goes wolf and Dorothy takes a ride on the werewolf express. They appear at the camp site. Ruby transforms back to woman form, but Dorothy is freaked out. Ruby walks into the diner asking the Blind Witch about Dorothy. They go to Auntie’s, the competition. Auntie (Gina Stockdale) opens the bottle and is turned to water! Hades is in a booth, he wipes up the water, and puts her in a bottle. He gloats in front of Emma, whom he mocks as the Savior. Oz, Mulan talks to Ruby, who admits that she’s falling for Dorothy. Ruby goes to tell her, but Dorothy is gone. Underworld, Mary Margaret tells Ruby, her best friend, that she can give True Love’s Kiss. Ruby leaves Dorothy’s cloth on Auntie Em’s cracked gravestone. David hugs his wife. Hook has wiped out Snow White’s name for David! Ack! Ruby clicks her slippers. Hades has the jar of Auntie Em when Zelena walks in. Oz, Dorothy tries to get to Toto’s cage, and the Wicked Witch puts her in the sleeping spell. Hades pours the water into the River of Lost Souls. The Munchkins and Toto watch over Dorothy, Toto runs off and Mulan sees Ruby and Mary Margaret. Ruby goes in for the kiss. Magic! Henry sees the page and smiles. He brings the other page of Mary Margaret in Storybrooke. Rumple sees Belle, she has the sleeping curse from Zelena, she wants her father to be saved. Five Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!