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Once Upon a Time, “Strange Case”, Review!

Jondee here at Storybrooke High School,


The episode title is the beginning of the novella by Robert Louis Stevenson.  Mr. Gold is examining a watch under a magnifying glass. He cuts off his hair and this impresses the Evil Queen. Hyde walks in and wants his cameo necklace. Gold has him on his knees choking and Hyde laughs. The Evil Queen says he can’t be killed so Mr. Gold frees him and he picks up the necklace. David has made pancakes for Emma as Mary Margaret has the baby. Henry walks down and then Regina and Jekyll walk in to tell them about the escape of Hyde. Flashback, Jekyll looks out a window and then sees Mary (Elizabeth Blackmore) who reassures him about her father, Dr. Lydgate (Jonny Coyne). He shows them the serum that will separate personalities. Lydgate refuses Jekyll membership to the academy because of the danger of his work. He is frustrated and sees Rumple who finishes the formula. Rumple tempts him about Mary and Jekyll drinks the serum and screams. Hook’s ship, Hook talks with Belle, and gives her a conch shell that allows mermaids to communicate. He sees the Crocodile, Mr. Gold, who warns them about Hyde, he puts a protection spell around the ship to stop Hyde and prevents Belle from leaving. New school day, Mary Margaret walks with Henry who kisses Violet (Olivia Steele Falconer). Her new teacher’s aide, Shirin (Karen David), introduces herself and is impressed by Snow White. It’s Jasmine! Emma gets the call update about Belle. Flashback, Hyde walks into a home walking with Rumple who says he is the part that Jekyll is trying to hide from the world and dubs him Hyde. He introduces himself to Dr. Lydgate and Mary. Hyde drops the story of Lydgate and his lab assistant. Jekyll is working and the Evil Queen walks in and knocks him out.


The classroom, Mary Margaret starts off the class on Newton’s Third Law, but the students don’t want to answer her. Regina walks into Gold’s shop, she announces Jekyll’s new serum. Flashback, Jeykll wakes up and Rumple has him check for the academy pin. Rumple tells him about Mr. Hyde and Mary, he wants the serum. Storybrooke, Jekyll revives as Regina and Gold walk in, he hid the new formula in his coat pocket. Gold takes out Jeykll’s heart. He takes out his Dark One dagger and has Regina pour the formula on the dagger, he tosses Regina the heart and purple clouds away. Mary Margaret is disappointed at the results she is going over with Shirin who tells her about being a princess. Jekyll has reached Hook’s ship and explains that Gold took the formula. Flashback, Mary sees Hyde in the misty forest! She rejects Jekyll and wants the bad boy. They kiss. Hyde is there, Emma blasts him, and he tosses David and he runs before Gold stabs him with the dagger. He pulls out the dagger and takes out the real serum. He commands Gold to take them to Belle! Mary Margaret has them out on the basketball court to show them her archery to understand Newton’s Law. Flashback, Jekyll wakes up in a bed next to Mary. He is angry and tells her that he took the serum, he struggles with her, until she falls out the window. Jekyll takes the serum and turns into the Incredible Hyde. Set-up! Belle brings Jekyll some tea, she goes for the conch, but he has her drop it. Belle stabs Jekyll with the conch shard. He wants revenge against Rumple. Hook knocks him down and they fight, Hook skewers him on a harpoon, Jekyll dies and Hyde falls. Regina walks in and he explains the only way to kill a doppleganger like the Evil Queen is to kill the original! Regina tells Emma to promise to kill her. Flashback, Hyde is met by Rumple, he puts the Vader chokehold on Hyde. Mary Margaret gives Shirin an apple, she walks into the misty woods to see a girl, she’s looking for Aladdin, and the girl reveals that she is of course Jasmine. It’s time for Aladdin! Four Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!