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Once Upon a Time, “Street Rats”, Review!

Jondee here at Agrabah,


A hill, “Capital of Agrabah”, pan into the city, it’s a flashback. Guards bully some prisoners as Jafar tells about the no-thief policy while Aladdin takes money purses. Jafar transforms three prisoners into mice. Aladdin is stopped by a robed woman who wants to hire him. She reveals herself, it’s Princess Jasmine! The princess wants Aladdin to take on Jafar. She has given him the golden scarab and wants to blame Aladdin or have him work for her. She’s looking for the Diamond in the Rough! Storybrooke forest, Archie follows Emma, but she is worried about her visions. Emma sees a woman in white who collapses and she chases after a running woman, it’s Shirin! Mary Margaret’s aide is placed in custody, Emma walks in with David as Mary Margaret watches. David explains that Hyde is dead and Shirin reveals she is Jasmine! Emma knows about Aladdin from the movie and Jasmine tells them he was a Savior. Archie returns to his office, the Evil Queen is there, he realizes that she killed the oracle. He defies her and she transforms into Archie. Zelena puts away her baby and sees the tied up Archie, he pleads, but she leaves him. Archie 2 talks with Emma, but she tells him that the other Savior is alive. Desert, Aladdin and Jasmine walk to the Cave of Wonders, he tells her that the people were suffering before Jafar. He juggles an apple and gives it to her! They reach the cave, it has the pillar and lion face above the door, he shouts “Open Sesame!” nothing happens and then the door opens. Emma opens the door to see the others, Archie 2 walks in, Hook and Henry want her to tell about the visions. Archie 2 walks away and transforms back into the Evil Queen.


Aladdin and Jasmine walk in the cave and see the diamond on a sword. He finds a monkey gold figurine and uses it to balance the diamond which turns into dust. The roof collapses and it is stopped by Aladdin trying to protect Jasmine, she knows he’s the Diamond in the Rough, and the Savior of Agrabah! Henry tries to console Jasmine who feels bad about putting him on the path to be a Savior, Henry has done the same with Emma. Mary Margaret is not happy that Emma did not tell them about her visions especially keeping it from Hook. David has a call from Leroy about not seeing Archie. They realize it was the Evil Queen. She purple clouds to Zelena’s house. Regina is readying a potion when Emma walks in. The Cave, Jasmine gives the scarab as a gift and walks away. Jafar red clouds in with his red parrot whose eyes turn red showing Aladdin visions. He shows Aladdin some Golden Shears that will take away his power. Jasmine walks into the palace, without her she looks like the cartoon Jasmine, wow, and talks with her father (Cedric De Souza) playing with toys. Jafar is offended and uses his magic to knock away Jasmine. He red clouds her into the hourglass with falling sand. Aladdin enters on a magic carpet! He uses his power to shatter the hourglass and breaks the sultan from Jafar’s spell. Jafar red clouds away, Aladdin has returned for Jasmine, he is about to kiss her, but the sultan has questions. He tries to give back the scarab. The heroes walk the forest, Emma has a sense, and leads them to a cave under the cemetery. Jasmine checks the bodies with her torch, flashlight, and sees the scarab. Emma needs to be alone. Emma’s hand shakes, Henry startles her, he apologizes. She wouldn’t change anything, the Feels are starting, Aladdin walks in with street clothes! Aladdin walks with Jasmine in the marketplace. He wants to show her the world, leans in for a kiss, rejected. Aladdin walks away. A pouch red clouds around Aladdin and he takes out the Golden Shears. Aladdin gives Emma the Golden Shears. Aladdin sees Jasmine and they hug, she says Agrabah is in danger. Zelena transforms Archie into a cricket. They talk over the Golden Shears, Emma doesn’t want to use the Golden Shears and gives them to Hook. The misty harbor, Emma sees Hook return from throwing the shears into the sea. He takes out the shears when Emma walks away. Four Golden Shears out of Five!