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Once Upon a Time, “Swan Song”, Review!

Jondee here at the gates of the Underworld,

a1f0c3a51e2146c0c6f6ca69ada29616 The Siege of Storybrooke.

The Winter Finale for Once Upon a Time has come this Sun. It’s episode 99 and time for Dark Hook! A storm, a child, young Killian aka Hook (Oliver Bell) is worried at the winds snuffing out the lamp flame, his father (Adam Croasdell) comes in and tells, “Whenever you are scared, look inside.” His father watches over him as he goes to sleep. He wakes and tries to wake his brother, Liam, an old man tells him that his father has left them. Current day, Hook looks at Rumple holding the sword, he taunts Rumple that Belle has left him. Hook vows revenge. Emma gathers the others in Storybrooke with the Dwarfs. Robin is with Regina carrying his bow. Zelena appears and wants sole custody of her child. Dark Ones are behind them. They walk the Storybrooke streets and surround the others. Emma sees Henry and a Dark One passes through him. Rumple tells them their wrists they have the Mark of Charon, the ferryman of Hades. Hercules is next? He tells them that they should all take the time to say goodbye! The Dark Ones have the streets of Storybrooke. Hook is at the docks with Regina walking up. He puts her under a choking spell.

once-upon2-161871 Robin and Regina.
Fairy Tale Land, young Hook meets with Queen Regina who tells her that he will kill her mother in exchange for a land of no magic to kill Rumplestiltskin. She has him enter the carriage. Henry is looking for a way to get the mark off. Emma reminds her mother she’s Snow White. There is a tearful parting with Emma on her way to destroy the Dark Ones. Emma tells Regina to fulfill her promise in Camelot to stop the Dark Ones. She offers herself as sacrifice! Rumple meets with Belle at his shop and wants her to leave Storybrooke. He is distraught at the Mark on his wrist and sees Emma and Regina. Emma tells him that she needs Excalibur to destroy the Darkness, “and herself”, Rumple adds. He brings Excalibur to her. Regina goes to protect the baby with Robin. Flashback, Queen Regina and Hook in a bar to test him. A large man looks angry at the pirate. Regina’s spell knocks him down and she points him to the bartender, his father! Zelena tries to make herself at their home. Regina takes out the wand and activates it. She poofs them to the clock. Regina uses a wand to get a green cyclone that pulls away Zelena. She tells her sister out of the broken window, “Enjoy Oz, witch!” Cool moment.

1413149462jpg-c73153_765w Hook and his father.
Storybrooke, Rumple sees Belle hugging her father and leaving. Emma at Granny’s sees David, Mary Margaret, and the baby with Henry. She places a note on the jukebox. Nimue tells Dark Hook that he knows what he has to do. Young Hook faces his father and tells him that he’s been in Neverland. Brennan tells his son that he was in the Sleeping Castle and was awakened by True Love who later died. Hook arranges to send his father away who mentions he had a son. Emma walks in to her house, but Dark Hook is there. Emma is tearful, but Hook is out to kill everyone. Henry is there and shifts back to Dark Hook with Excalibur! The series is over, the end, or will there be hope at the end of Darkness?  Henry looks at the baby. Nimue faces them and sends them to the Underworld! It is foggy, Robin says the fairies took away the baby. Dark Hook is there. Regina asks him, “What kind of man do you want to be?” The theme of the episode.

511-ouat-dark-one Nimue and the Dark Ones.

Young Hook walks in to see his father and his son. He gives his son, Liam, the same advice. Hook is angry with his father and stabs him. Present, Nimue walks up to him, and stops Emma with a choking spell. Hook looks at her and turns on Nimue. He holds up Excalibur drawing in the Dark Ones. Hook wants to be the sacrifice and die a hero! Emma takes hold of the sword and kisses him. Excalibur shudders and Emma stabs Hook, holding him as he dies! She suddenly becomes light, back to normal Emma in her red jacket. Hook falls. Epilogue: Belle returns to Rumple. Emma is drawn to Rumple’s store, she hears voices, the Dagger. Rumple has cast a spell on Excalibur to draw the Darkness not destroy it, he has all of the powers of the Dark Ones! Emma forces him to bargain to use his blood to call Charon and they take his boat to the Underworld!Five Daggers of the Dark One out of five!