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Once upon a Time, “The Brothers Jones”, Review!

Jondee here at the Jolly Roger,

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The stay in the Underworld and fight against Hades continues. There are many similar titles, but I think the episode title points to the collectors of folk tales, the Brothers Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm. Cruella De Vil is driving in the Underworld with Henry. They are looking for a sign. Henry sees something in the woods. They hunt for the pen in the forest. Henry is taken aside by an older man, The Apprentice (Timothy Webber) who tells him not to resurrect Cruella. Henry fells helpless with the death of Hook. The Apprentice disappears. Emma has the wounded Hook to sit down in her Underworld house. She uses her magic to heal him. He pulls away from her kiss. He is frustrated he turned instantly into the Dark One. They get a knock at the door, it’s Liam Jones (Bernard Curry) introduced in the third season and bartender in the Underworld. Flashback, the brothers are deck hands swabbing the deck. Liam hands Killian the king’s notice to serve in the navy. Captain Silver (Costas Mandylor) walks up and knocks over a slop bucket. Killian is ready to fight him. The Underworld, Killian says that Liam died “a noble life”, but was trapped by Hades. Liam talks about a book used to defeat Hades. Emma says it’s a Storybook. The brothers join forces to take on Hades. Mary Margaret takes out a chest, but it only has sweaters not the Storybook in their world. Liam talks with Emma saying she’s “not good enough.” He says she’s being selfish.

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Hook sees Emma coming down the stairs. Mary Margaret tells Henry they are looking for the Storybook. He knows where it is from the Apprentice. Mary Margaret wants to go after James, his twin brother, for kissing him which Edward is not happy about of course. Flashback, Liam shows Captain Silver the notices. Killian is asleep drunk, but has gambled away his money. Captain Silver drops his silver into his palm. Liam rips up the notices to stay with his brother! Hades walks into the bar of Liam. He makes four glass of Scotch appear and sends one to Liam. Hades says that Liam is planning a mutiny. He of course wants the Storybook and asks Liam to destroy it. Hades threatens to reveal the secret of Liam’s appearance in the Underworld to Hook. Someone is seriously underestimating the Brothers Jones. David finds the police station has torture devices, Mary Margaret finds the key in the top drawer just like David. They hear Cruella and David pretends he is James. She kisses him, yeesh!, she pops champagne. Emma is worried, but Regina tries to calm her down at Granny’s. Henry enters telling them about the key. Hook, Henry, Liam, Emma, and Regina go to the house. Liam offers to use the key. Flashback, a storm tosses Captain Silver’s ship. He is leading them into a storm. Liam is angry that the captain is looking for the Cursed Sapphire, the “Eye of the Storm.” Liam draws his sword, Captain Silver backs down. Killian thanks his brother.

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Underworld, they enter the cobwebby house. Emma wants Henry to stay behind as lookout. He goes looking for the pen. Liam opens a chest and finds the “Once Upon a Time” Storybook, he opens it and sees a page of Hades with fiery hair. He rips out the page and puts it in his jacket. Liam says, “I’m sorry brother.” Cruella is kissing David, he throws her into the chair, but she was playing him. She can’t wait for the reunion between the brothers. Our heroes are going over the Storybook. They ask Liam if the book has been tampered with and Emma is suspicious about Liam. Hook walks off angry. Flashback, Liam is charting a course when Hades appears in period suit. He ignites his fiery hair and it lights all of the candles. He wants the souls of everyone in the ship. Liam draws his sword. He wants a deal to sink the ship and also throws in the Cursed Sapphire which will get Liam his captain position in the King’s Navy. Liam tries to get rid of the pages when Emma walks up. She wants to know why he is lying. Hook walks up, but doesn’t care about the missing pages. He wants to stay in the Underworld! No! Emma starts to tear up and walks away. Hook grabs his brother’s hand to see the ink on his fingers. Out of the mist is the other crew members who know the truth.

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Flashback, Hook is struggling with the wheel steering the ship. Liam wants to head into the storm. He gives his brother his lucky ring necklace. Hook gets the loyalty of the crew and the waves surge toward the ship. The crew in the Underworld tell him that Hades met with Liam. Hook is devastated. The crew cover their heads in hoods and take them to the overhang of the lake of fire. They want them to “walk the plank.” Hades appears. His breath knocks the leader into the fire. Liam stands in front of Hades and is blown towards the fire. Hook catches his brother! “Can you forgive me for what I have done?”, Liam says before letting go and drops into the fire! Instead, the light appears, a ship appears with Liam on a boat! This show keeps getting better! Hook says, “Your unfinished business is done” and Liam takes in the crew to the boat. They grasp arms and Liam heads to heaven! Flashback, the Brothers Jones make it to shore. Liam takes out the Cursed Sapphire and gives it to the navy captain (Chris Humphreys) and he offers commissions on his ship, The Jewel of the Realm. Underworld, Hook meets with Emma, I think this will all lead to another meeting with Neal. They kiss. Henry is looking around the house , he looks around and finds the glowing pen under a lamp and the ink well. The page is gone, Hook apologizes to the others, David walks up to see Henry. They have a talk with David confessing about his brother. Henry shows the others the Author’s Pen. He is going to recreate Hades’ story. Hades walks up to the river and pulls out the pages. He sees a picture of Zelena, sister to Regina! Five Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!