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Once Upon a Time, “The Savior”, Review!

Jondee back here in Storybrooke,


It begins with a recap special, “Evil Reigns Once More”, Once is a complicated story so it is great that specials can bring new viewers up to date. The evil Hyde has come from the Land of Untold Stories last season. The opening, “Many years ago…” which goes to the grassy valley where a rider outrides blasts from a magic carpet. he reaches a house asking for the Savior, but is turned away. In goes the golden staff of Jafar (Oded Fehr) who turns the fleeing man into dust. On the floor is Aladdin (Deniz Akdeniz), Jafar says that what was never said about a Savior, “They lived happily ever after.” He leaves Aladdin who has a shaky hand. Storybrooke, Hook and Emma kiss, the town is covered by the shadow of an airship. Everyone heads to a field with Mary Margaret armed with her bow. Out comes Hyde who is preparing for the arrival of his “friends.” Emma and Regina combine their powers against Hyde who shrugs it off! The airship crashes and Emma checks on the survivors. Mary Margaret sees that they have run off. Emma has a flashback that causes her hand to shake. Savior Syndrome? Gold walks in the forest he has made a deal with Hyde for power which is a map to the Temple of Morpheus. He purple clouds there and opens the box to red cloud Belle. He drops the dust of Morpheus over her.


In the forest, Gold sees Morpheus (Giles Matthey) who offers to wake Belle. Regina heads over to see her sister, Zelena, and her baby. She puts a protection spell on the house and her vault. Mary Margaret goes to talk to her. They reach the town hall to face Mr. Hyde. Emma has the Untold Stories device, but is only able to hit Hyde with an electrical blast. Jekyll binds Hyde in special handcuffs and he is taken away. Emma sees Archie (Ralph Sbarge), the Storybrooke version of Jiminy Cricket), who brings her a Dalmatian and a cup of coffee. He sums up her path and strength. She goes to see Hyde in his cell. Hyde tells her to “follow the red bird.” Gold and Morpheus reach his castle where Belle (in her blue dress) sees Rumple (back in his old form). Morpheus gives him one hour to wake her. Gold hopes to get Belle to fall in love with him again. He catches the cup back in Rumple form and gives her a break with Beauty and the Beast playing on a record. Belle’s memory starts to transform into a bright world. He uses magic to make her yellow dress. Zelena walks in to see her sister and congratulates her. Regina has memories of Robin’s death there and blames Zelena for his death. Zelena green clouds away. David and Mary Margaret are in the forest at night and he activates a trap. She says she is Snow White and wants to help them, torches emerge. Emma and Hook are in the forest and she sees a red bird. Emma runs after the bird and stops to see a girl (Jordyn Ashley Olson) who knows her. She tells her that the visions are from her future.


Henry tells Regina that he believes that Robin is not destroyed. Rumple tells Belle about his son. They kiss and he goes back to Gold, Belle remembers and doesn’t want any of it. Morpheus walks in now that Belle knows the truth and is going to wake her with True Love’s Kiss. Morpheus is her son! He warns her about Gold’s destruction of his family. She wakes up and he forms a portal back, she goes in to be on her own. The girl tells Emma that she was called an oracle. Emma sees her sword fight with a cloaked figure, her sword is lost, her family runs up, and she is stabbed! The oracle says it’s the end of her story and that she will die. The cell, Hyde knows that Emma has seen the oracle, he says he has seen other Saviors and villains. Hook is drinking when Emma sees him at the diner. Regina talks to Mary Margaret about Robin. She thinks back to the stories of her life. We get glimpses of Gold, Belle, and Emma. Regina says, “I’m going to start a new story.” A feather falls on the bench as they walks away. Zelena gets home and sees the Evil Queen! The queen offers her sister a drink and says, “It’s time for some sisterly bonding.” Untold Stories? The one villain from stories that could bring darkness forever to Storybrooke is Dracula. Fair entry, but nothing shocking. Three Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!