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Once Upon a Time, “Wish You Were Here”, Review!

Jondee here at the Enchanted Forest,


The winter finale begins with the trio of Emma, Regina, and Hook walk with the sword. They find the Evil Queen by Robin’s gravestone. Regina brings a fireball taunted by her dark reflection. Emma slashes the Evil Queen’s face and not Regina. She purple clouds away to a car and she is met by Gold. He threatens to destroy her after he finds his son. The others assemble and Henry doesn’t want her to kill the Evil Queen. Visions of her death. They leave with Regina staying at the house. The trio of David, Emma, and Hook walk the misty streets to Granny. Jasmine is captive and the Evil Queen puts the Vader hold on Jasmine. She rubs the lamp bring out Aladdin, the Evil Queen’s plan, is to give wishes to them. A wish that Emma was not the Savior. Aladdin sends her away. A candle, Emma blows out her birthday candle, dressed in white. Her parents are there, Snow White and Charming, in the Enchanted Forest castle. Henry appears in squire outfit, it’s nice to see him in the Enchanted Forest, they see the painting of his father, Neal Cassidy. Storybrooke, they get panicked screaming at each other. Gold uses magic to try to find his son. Aladdin makes a drink for his master and Regina walks in. Regina knows they are the same person so commands the genie to send her to Emma. In the Enchanted Forest, she sees the Dwarfs who are startled by Regina and they run away. Regina finds the statues of Charming and Snow White. Emma hums “Some Day My Prince Will Come” and again fears Regina. An arrow is sent by Snow and the rulers appear. He slashes and she disappears in a purple cloud. David is frustrated and he stopped by Hook. David has a plan. The Evil Queen’s castle, Regina finds it abandoned except a prisoner, Rumple. She tries to convince him that the world is fake. He knows Storybrooke and about a magic bean. He will give it to her after free at noon by the lake. She transforms back into the Evil Queen.


Night, Belle sits at a bench met by Gold, he has a phone and she calls Mother Superior, “Something has happened.” Emma stands with her parents and Prince Henry is introduced. He kneels and is knighted by Snow and then Charming. It is interrupted by Regina Queen who Force pushes away the guards. She challenges them to find a hero. Hook waits at the jail. David has brought a sword for the Evil Queen and he is knocked back by her magic. He picks up the lamp, summons Aladdin, and smiles. He wishes that the Evil Queen gets what she deserves, nothing seems to happen! She has David in a Force choke. Hook confronts the queen and Jasmine goes to Aladdin. The royal couple are imprisoned in the queen’s castle, Emma has brought Regina the key of the kingdom, who is disappointed and tells her about Storybrooke. She takes out her parent’s hearts and taunts her until crushing the hearts. Emma cries and Henry appears in gold armor. He throws his sword and Emma stops the sword and her son. Storybrooke, the Evil Queen sees the Dwarfs and out comes a hooded figure that knocks the queen away! The hooded man traps the queen as a cobra in a cage. Belle is brought to Mother Superior’s bed where she says the Black Fairy took her son. Emma is in her Enchanted robes they reached the lake. He gives Regina the magic bean and he red clouds away. Mary Margaret is asleep, David is worried that he is like his brother, but reassured by Hook. David gives the lamp to Jasmine. Aladdin gives a ring to Henry for Emma. Jasmine wishes them to Agrabah. Belle is upset about the Black Fairy, Rumple’s mother. Leroy brings in the Evil Queen and tells about the man in the hood. He walks in to take off his hood, it’s Gideon!, the son of Rumple and Belle! Arrows hit a tree before the portal, it’s Robin Hood (the return of Sean Maguire)! Regina can’t walk away and the portal seals up! All of the best parts of Once are back, got my wish! Five Daggers of the Dark One out of Five!