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Randomland Christmas!

Jondee here at Howe-Waffle Mansion,


I was surprised to see the Howe-Waffle House and Medical Museum in Santa Ana. I read from a plaque that it is a historical landmark and home to Dr. Willella Howe-Waffle, one of the first woman doctors in Orange County. It was built in 1889, the same year as Orange County became incorporated. The house was incredible and everyone should visit this quaint, wonderful piece of architecture smack dab in the downtown area. I wasn’t there for the house itself though, but for an event, the Randomland Christmas! If you are not familiar with the fun of Youtube or Justin Scarred, then you will have to check out Justin’s channel, Randomland Adventures. He is a great host, almost tireless, in wanting to show you his favorite places; Disneyland, Knott’s, and really all over CA, across the country, and over to FL. There was a crowd by the time I got there, it wrapped around the street and down the block. Everyone waited patiently, shared stories, this was fun alone. The event was well managed, our favorite people from the channel, Fake Tyler, George, and Ernie from the Haunted Orange County tour, came out to check on everyone. We got through a tent and to the back area which some tables and a photo op with Krampus! There was also some delicious cookies and punch. One of the most fun parts was seeing the bike from Pee Wee Herman’s Big Adventure from Star Car Central, who have many great fan favorite vehicles at cons and events.


Another part of this event, besides that it was free, was that many people donated a toy to go to the Orangewood Children’s Home. This lead into the house and queue’d around a few times. There was some decoration, but I think I would like a return visit to see all of the history in the house. We saw the Disney History Trail which is a bus tour that leaves from the L.A. Zoo and stops at historical places all around the area hosted by Disney Legend Bob Gurr. Check out www.disneyhistorytrail.com. Then, we reached the last room, Bob Gurr was seated a table next to Justin and had his signed DVD Turning Dreams into Reality. It was great to see him, a person who helped build the Magic Kingdom, and made all of the other parks and attractions possible. Bob Gurr is still a young spirit and incredible to meet in person. Justin pulled a muscle in his neck earlier, but was there for four hours and there was a line of about a hundred more people and his energy was still going. He really spent time talking to everyone, taking fun pics, and was just great to see him. Check out Justin at his Youtube page, JustinScarred.  Ally was also there helping Justin out.  I also saw there a Stormtrooper, TK-70714, who was nice to talk to when I had to rest up my shoulder.  It was difficult for me trying to recover from surgery, slept all day, but worth it to meet so many interesting people in line, Justin, and everyone at the event. Thanks to everyone at Fandom Productions, Justin, Bob Gurr, and all of the hardworking people at the Randomland Christmas!