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Rebels, “A Princess on Lothal”, Review!

Jondee here on Alderaan,


On Lothal, Kanan and Govenor Azadi talk with Hera via hologram. She wants to know how Ezra is taking the news of the loss of his parents. Hera also tells them that Senator Organa is sending three cruisers with relief supplies to Lothal. Kanan says that the mission is what Ezra might need. The three cruisers with shovel heads move into Lothal orbit. Lt. Lyste (Liam O’Brien) sends TIE fighters. The relief mission is sanctioned by the Imperial Senate. Lyste clears them and out of the shadows of the bridge is Princess Leia! She is voiced by Julie Dolan who also voiced Leia in the Star Wars: Uprising game. Lothal, Ezra is sulking next to Chopper. Kanan gives Ezra his cadet helmet, he goes, but with no heart. Kanan wants Azadi to join the fight, but he only loans them his speeder bike. They reach the landing field to see the cruisers land. Out of one is Princess Leia, they introduce themselves showing their faces, Kanan says they are from Phoenix Squadron. She orders them to be quiet and have their helmets on. The stormtroopers check on the cargo and Leia goes to talk with Lt. Lyste. He notes that the ships from Alderaan end up in Rebel hands and has gravity locks placed on the cruisers. Two Imperial walkers are dropped to also guard them. Leia orders him to hand over his shuttle so she can fly with the supplies. Kanan says that the plan is flawed and Leia admits it was her plan.


Leia explains is that there are any connections with Alderaan in taking the ships, then her planet would be suspected. They take the shuttle back to the Lothal mounds. Chopper has reported that there are stormtroopers. Kanan in stormtrooper armor says that he can take the prisoners including Governor Azadi. The stormtrooper says that one is set to be killed. Leia asks what are the charges. Chopper begins spinning madly. The Ghost appears and starts blasting the stormtroopers. Kanan takes Azadi to the side as Zeb and Sabine fire at the stormtroopers. Azadi takes Leia with Kanan and Ezra running over, knocked out by Zeb! The Ghost and Phantom fly away. Zeb revives Kanan and Ezra sore from Zeb’s strikes. Lt. Lyste gets the report that Ryder Azadi has taken Princess Leia. The rest of the crew try to comfort Ezra. Leia asks about Ezra to Kanan. He says to her, “Maybe he could use a friend.” In the rear cockpit, Ezra is watching a hologram of his family and wipes away tears. Leia watches him and says that he is the Ezra Bridger who made the transmission. He worries about the power of the Empire. Leia encourages him to fight. The Rebels are looking at a hologram of the landing field. Ezra says that with their stormtrooper armor, he and Kanan, can reach the ships, but they need a distraction. Azadi offers his help. The Phantom lands with Kanan and Ezra taking Leia to Lt. Lyste. Azadi has built the gravity locks in prison and he is able to free one. Sabine runs off to pilot the cruiser. It starts to pull up as Leia points out the ship to Lt. Lyste. The stormtroopers fire on Azadi and Sabine blasts them from the cruiser. The walker fires at the ship. Hera fires torpedoes at the walker, the second volley knocks it down. The second cruiser starts to depart. Kanan knocks to Lt. Lyste and Ezra takes care of the other stormtrooper. Ezra sees the Imperial walker rise.


The Ghost is in battle with the walkers. The damaged walker starts to move towards Leia and Ezra. Kanan runs, Azadi takes out his blaster, Chopper bumps into him, and Kanan activates his lightsaber. Azadi remarks, “He’s a Jedi!” Kanan leaps and slices through the front legs of the walker. It finally topples while Kanan runs. Ezra uses the Force to draw the blasters of the stormtroopers, one hits his helmet, and Leia takes up the other one. She blasts the stormtroopers. The last gravity lock is freed and Kanan goes to pilot the cruiser. Leia talks to the next transport of stormtroopers. She hears the order to shoot to kill. Azadi rushes off as Zeb launches torpedoes at the last walker. Azadi lifts off the cruiser with the gravity lock and turns it facing the engines to the walker. He blasts it with his engine thrust! Leia struggles with Ezra and gives him permission to stun her! Lt. Lyste rushes off to check on her. While Chopper escapes in the Phantom. Leia threatens to report on Lothal and wants Lt. Lyste’s shuttle. The cruisers assemble with Phoenix Squadron. Governor Azadi wants to return to Lothal and fight along with the Rebels. Four lightsabers out of Five!