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Rebels, “The Protector of Concord Dawn”, Review!

Jondee here at Concord Dawn,


The Phantom connects to the Blockade Runner Liberator, the ship of Commander Sato. Kanan walks into the conference room with Zeb and Ezra announcing the supplies are secure, but the Empire has given them trouble. Sato notes that that a new hyperspace route is needed to Lothal and Sabine suggests Concord Dawn. This was the home world of Jango Fett and seen in Jango Fett – Open Seasons comic book. Captain Rex notes that Mandalorians from Concord Dawn were brought in to train clones. Sato says that Empire occupies Mandalore, but the loyalty is unknown for the colony world. Kanan suggests using diplomacy. Hera and Sabine head over to Concord Dawn in A-Wings. They are joined by Finn Rau (Kevin McKidd) and his Protectors in Gauntlet fighters. The director of the episode is Brad Rau.  Hera tries diplomacy to recruit them to fight against the Empire. Rau flies back and destroys an A-Wing. The three Gauntlet fighters engage the A-wings and another pilot is killed. Hera is tailed by Rau and she takes out the two Gauntlets on Sabine and another Phoenix Squadron pilot and they jump. Hera’s ship is battered by Rau’s fighter. Sabine reaches Phoenix Squadron and she sees the wreckage of Hera’s A-Wing. The group rushes to see Hera in a medical bay sleeping.


Sabine goes to the meeting room and mentions Finn Rau known by both Rex and Kanan. Sabine has found their base on the third moon and wants to destroy their fighters. Kanan wants to go alone, but the others want in. He only takes Chopper on the mission. Kanan takes the Phantom to the Protector base. Sabine appears from a hatch. Kanan still wants to try to recruit them. Chopper takes the Phantom away while Sabine and Kanan infiltrate the base. She scans the eight fighters and hopes to rig explosives. An Imperial shuttle lands and Finn Rau takes payment from an officer. Sabine goes to plant the bombs as Kanan sneaks in. Finn is sipping soup with his helmet off as Kanan enters. Kanan shows him his lightsaber talking about the Battle of Mygeeto. This was a battle noted in the Outer Rim Sieges in Revenge of the Sith fought by Ki Adi Mundi.  Sabine makes her way to several of the ships, but bumps her head on one of them. She is able to hang upside, but found by the Protectors. Sabine says she forged her own armor for House Vizsla! Pre Vizsla was the leader of the Mandalorian Death Watch in the Clone Wars. She calls for single combat. Kanan tries to convince Finn that the Empire doesn’t share power. A Protector walks in and talks about a Mandalore invoking the code. She takes off her helmet and calls out Finn Rau!


Finn faces off with Sabine. Kanan is worried. It’s an old fashioned Western gunfight with both Mandalorians holding out their hands next to their blasters. Sabine fires the blaster out of Finn’s hand, flips up her helmet, says, “There are alternatives to killing”, and sets off the charges. Kanan activates his lightsaber and they face off with the Protectors. Finn Rau’s ship is still working, Kanan deflects his blasts, and is nearly thrown off by the launch of the Gauntlet. He strikes the ship with his lightsaber and then carves up Finn’s cockpit before knocking him out and taking Finn to the Phantom. The Protector recovers and calls off the others. He is led as a prisoner to the Liberator. Ezra runs up to them. Hera has revived. Sabine says that the Protectors should not be killed and Hera says she sounds like a Jedi. Sabine adds, “I guess I was raised right.” Four lightsabers out of Five!